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Tokyo Rose on Julian

And on the decency of the UK justice system.

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LONDON (Radsoft) — As things drag on in Knightsbridge and bills for UK taxpayers mount, there's time for people to pause and reflect on what's really going on. So evidently the US government was so concerned about 'surprise sex' and torn condoms that they rang William Hague and turned his thumb screws down so he'd at least make a token effort to grab the famous interstellar criminal.

Just like the medium size Swedes who rack up the tab with the Crown Prosecution Service - it's all for the Potomac. Keeps things peaceful and cooperative.

But anyway - did the Brits actually have a choice? Disregard the funky ruling of Lord Phillips in the UKSC. Disregard all the rulings. How about the current platoon across the corner from Harrods that's costing tens of thousands per day: are they worth it? Are they necessary? Or is that solely for show?

Flashback's Vresrosen (Rosa rugosa aka Toyko rose) doesn't think so.

The English judicial system is not aware of how people can be prosecuted in Sweden without evidence or with the type of 'evidence' provided by AA and SW. 'Evidence' that's been produced with the help of 11 interrogations of AA, 'evidence' that can lead to prosecution. That mentally disturbed individuals can be used as truthspeakers. About hearsay, about political agendas. In a case where false accusations continue with a random condom as forensic evidence.

Björn Hurtig tried to explain the shortcomings in the warrant and was accused of slinging mud on Sweden. Björn Hurtig was given clear signals by our power elite that they don't tolerate attacks on the Swedish judicial system. The judicial system of a nation is very much a part of that nation's identity. This turned out to be a much hotter potato than we first thought.

And here we thought political change would shine a light on these aberrations in our judicial system. But instead we see the old guard still sitting at their posts - or at the best: exchanging jobs with each other.

England has no choice. England must respect our Swedish judicial system. That's how relations work between civilised countries. The story is a lot more serious than we first imagined. England must presume that an EAW has a judicial basis in domestic Swedish legislation and other rules and guidelines. And it should be noted that Assange was granted house arrest in England and not sent - as would happen in Sweden - to rot away in a remand prison.

And as things drag on, we see the shortcomings in how the case was handled. We see that Assange was right to have had misgivings about objective legal process according to the theoretical Swedish judicial model, where people manage their jobs correctly.

Assange is victimised by players in the Swedish judicial model who work outside the model but who exploit the prosecution authority and the courts to further their political interests. This should be the big political topic for our department of justice.

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