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Sweden: No Prophets

And no profits. Or peace. Or sex.

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Sweden is a mess. The Assange debacle rolls on at caterpillar speed, causing ever more embarrassment for the country that used to be the envy of the world. The image of Sweden as a prototype utopia was further tarnished the other week by an outburst of riots that spread quickly through the Stockholm area and even to the country around. And finally a new national survey was released, showing that the nation of free love had turned sex-starved, a very serious matter indeed.

What happened?

No Profits

Lars Schaff points today to a deft move by the current right wing 'alliance' cabinet reminiscent of the worst of the Bush/Cheney years: preserve the illusion of economic health through creative bookkeeping and leave the hangover to those who follow.


There's a lot of economic mumbo jumbo there, something Aftonbladet columnist Jan Guillou pointed to recently. Guillou sincerely believes that the powers that be (and their political opposition) truly do not understand what the economist 'witch doctors' are saying - they just regurgitate what they read and what they are told. But the words of Sweden's minister of finance are another matter. Anders Borg is himself one of the 'witch doctors'. Schaff explains:

Last week the EU Commission repeated their warning for the debts of Swedish households, something that's already been heard numerous times, from the national bank and the department of finance.

But minister of finance Anders Borg points to the introduction of loan ceilings and a few other discrete restrictions for the banks, but they're much too weak to reverse the current loan curve. Borg will most likely just go home and cross his fingers, secure in the insight that other remedies which had a real chance of success could have instead caused an avalanche.

These aren't petty sums of fictional money the banks have shoveled out to the citizenry in the form of housing loans. For the past ten years it's 1.5 billion SEK in increased debt, an increase of over 200%. This sum lacks all relevance in the 'real' economic situation. Consequently, Swedish banks are near the top when it comes to creating money out of thin air. The amount they lend is mostly twice as big as the amount they borrow.

Not even governments can pretend the debts don't exist. This is something we've learned from the European lecture in recent years. And for private persons the matter is even more unavoidable: debts must be paid. A debt bubble which is founded on someone paying an outrageous price for a condominium in the hope that an even bigger idiot will pay even more when it's time to sell - that bubble bursts at the first best disruption in the system. And at that time, the real (but nonexistent) money must come forward - either that or declare bankruptcy.

No Peace

A crazed 69 year old man was shot to death recently in Husby, a Stockholm immigrant suburb. Most Swedes in Stockholm are familiar with the Husby/Akalla line of the subway, but don't often take those trains. There are other similar suburbs as well: Rinkeby, Tensta, Skärholmen, Hagsätra, and so forth. Immigrant enclaves spring up everywhere today. There's no getting in and no getting out. Born there, you stay there, live your life there, die there.

Some who live there achieve great financial success and try moving to more upscale non-immigrant neighbourhoods. Mostly they come back.

Sweden never worked through a plan for immigrants. There may be a minister for 'integration' but nothing really happens. All the while the cultural elite, a group drenched in political correctness, try to ignore the issues. This is one of the reasons the controversial Sweden Democrats entered the parliament in the last national elections - Swedes want the matter discussed and taken care of.

But the current 'alliance' government, headed by Karl Rove adept Fredrik Reinfeldt who firmly believes, along with his 'Bush's Brain' tutor, that the welfare model must be destroyed; by Sweden's #1 US fanboy Carl Bildt, who has been shuffling state secrets to Langley since before he even entered politics; and Anders Borg, the current minister of finance and engineer of the coming Swedish economic collapse - they don't want to see any of this.

They can make things look good on paper until the Social Democrats inevitably return - and then the Social Democrats will be blamed for the catastrophes.

The old gent was reported to be wielding a machete at police. This was later found to be inaccurate: he had a jackknife. He wasn't a significant threat to anyone, but Stockholm's finest riddled him with lead anyway. This led to the riots which quickly spread around the country - 109 riots reported the first four days.

The sleepy international media seemed shocked. CNN, NPR, and others asked what had happened to Sweden. The country holding Julian Assange hostage, the country of the sliding great classless society. Obviously a lot of journalists ungratefully tasked with reporting on the riots hadn't a clue or much of an ambition to buy one.

Some Swedes also asked themselves what had happened, either out of sincerity or out of pretense.

But the fact of the matter is that riots of this nature have been going on for at least ten years in the south of the country, mostly in Malmö where the Eurovision Song Contest was recently held, right across the sound from Copenhagen. Malmö's had severe problems with riots and race issues, not merely against Swedes but between ethic groups. Most of the indigenous Jewish community, a group otherwise unknown and unheard from, have been driven from their homes by personal attacks and vandalism. They're mostly gone today, yet no one's reacted. Some of the PC thinkers instead take up residence in relatively peaceful Denmark, then continue to proselytise for not acknowledging the issues back home.

Things have even gone so far that some of these brilliant pundits have claimed that the riots in the immigrant communities have nothing to do with the immigrant situation. This is a bit of Orwellian propaganda that mostly won't even be considered in other countries.

It's possible that none of these people understand how ridiculous they are. Yet the old maxim that one is never a prophet in one's own country has a certain ring about it.

The catastrophe of Sweden's immigrant policy, manifested in the riots that shocked so many, has its roots in Sweden's immigrant policy. Period.

No Sex

Sweden's where modern attitudes towards taboos against sex were best known. Denmark leads Sweden across the board here and in many fields, but it was Sweden that somehow got most of the international attention.

Sex education in the schools; condom dispensers on neighbourhood street corners; the idea that democracy also applies to a healthy sex life also encompassing the disabled and handicapped; the consequent idea that surrogates are needed for demographics which otherwise won't benefit: these and more are what the Swedish sexual trends of yesteryear were all about.

Concomitant is the official government concern for the sexual health of the Swedish people - national surveys are regularly held, under the auspices of the government itself, to make sure the people are feeling alright.

But it's been too long since the last survey, so evening tabloid Aftonbladet conducted one together with international survey institute United Minds. The results were disastrous: Swedes are seriously starved for good sex.

Again, for anyone living outside the country, it's easy to see why, and the results are not in any way surprising. The 'come together' feel of the country has been replaced with a unique hostility between the sexes. Examples of how this hostility expresses itself are truly frightening. The air is charged with bitterness and hatred - and this from generations that never experienced injustices as their ancestors may have. The PC agenda in Sweden is highly politicised and yields a huge profit for those eager to play the game. Sweden today is a sexual wasteland.

Swedes everywhere are alarmed at the United Minds survey. Yet the man responsible for this disaster, the same one who called Julian Assange all those dirty names on Twitter, the man who fancies himself a Swedish James Bond, will have nothing to do with it. There is no crisis, those things don't matter, and he is not going to do anything about it.

Sexual deprivation leads to better control of the sheeple, and that control is something cabinet minister Göran Hägglund likes. Hägglund is currently head of the country's only christian party, a party that snuck into parliament on the skirt tails of the Centre Party long ago and now enjoys financial perks that almost guarantee their continued presence.

Statistics would seem to indicate that Hägglund's party members enjoy the healthiest sex lives in the country, yet anyone acquainted with them - empirical evidence not to be discounted in these circumstances - has stories about how party members are secretly not only starved for sex but obsessed with it. The simple truth is that the christians, like other sects, hate sex, and implement policies to thwart it and kill it off as best they can.

These are policies not alien to the current cabinet attempting to follow the model of the US, a model they see as successful in the ways they find relevant.

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