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My Miserable Sister

The entire country is a total mess. By design.

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When Rove apprentice Fredrik Reinfeldt said he might be OK with stopping people from starving but otherwise was intent on destroying the entire world-famous utopian Swedish welfare system, when Karl Rove himself smiled on him from his underground lair: that was a lie.

For people are starving in Sweden. And there are soup kitchens in Sweden, one right in downtown Stockholm. The social services no longer help the homeless and destitute - they're given all-night bus tickets to keep them off the streets. Downright frightening to have to step over them on one's way home from the nightclubs. Put them on a bus to nowhere instead and keep them out of view.

Social payments are regularly delayed, thus winning back important interest points for Reinfeldt. And the poor people who slaved all their lives to contribute to their pensions get nothing in return. That money goes to Reinfeldt's friends. The basic rule is to deny everyone everything if you can get away with it. That rule has been applied brutally. Those pensioners are only parasites anyway.

Something the cowardly Swedish lamestream media will never get is that prosperity on paper is not prosperity in reality. Prime minister Fredrik and his treasonous friends keep spitting out rosy report after rosy report, and the lamestream media suck it all up. Mostly because they're terrible journalists. And cowards.

Swedes are very gullible and very eager to be subservient to authority, so when their elected government tell them they have to suffer so the country doesn't go the way of Greece and Spain, they believe it - all the while the PM's friends get richer and richer.

Fredrik Reinfeldt's party have voted against every major social reform for the past hundred years, even voted against voting for women. Yet people don't catch on. It's the same story all the time with them - a lot of campaign lies no one's got any ambition to fulfill, and with their sporadic mandates in power they do everything they can to ruin the country.

And that's not hyperbole.

The shock of soup kitchens in the capital of Sweden in the new millennium doesn't begin to tell the story. The entire country has been swept away by the attitude of the Rove apprentices in Rosenbad - to namely come with flowery excuses for the most ghastly things and then move on and ignore.

The following story by Aftonbladet columnist Elisabet Höglund is not at all atypical. A warning for horrific images that will be played up in your mind. This - and not what the PM lies to you about - is Sweden today. And may Reinfeldt and all the rest be brought to justice for what they have done.

My Miserable Sister
By Elisabet Höglund

It's Friday 31 May 2013. A 70 year old severely handicapped woman who lives alone is found by home services lying on the floor in the corridor of her own home. They came to put her post on her veranda. They hear the woman screaming and understand that something is not right. They alert the police and ring for an ambulance. The police give permission to break the glass in the outer door so the ambulance medics can get in. They find the severely exhausted woman right inside the door. She's been lying there for five hours. Her leg gave way under her and she fell.

The entire building stinks of excrement. The stink comes from the woman herself. She's been shitting all over herself because she couldn't get up. But the stink also comes from black trash bags she's piled up in the hall. The trash bags are full of the woman's excrement, and they've been there since September 2012 when she no longer could climb the stairs to her toilet.

So she had to take care of her needs in the kitchen, with all that means in terms of the stink of excrement and urine. Her kitchen became her prison. The past few months she's been forced to sit - and sleep - on a kitchen chair. Misery is a mild way of describing this humiliation.

That 70 year old woman is my sister. She lives in an old house in a small village outside Falkenberg. But don't believe for one second that her terrible situation wasn't known by the municipality! On the contrary. A neighbour of my sister's and I have carpet bombed those responsible in social services in Falkenberg for the past year with letters and phone calls, begging them to help.

In the end there was a social worker who visited my sister twice.

My sister asked for a handicap lift to the upper floor where she has her bedroom, toilet, and bathroom. She offered to pay part of the costs herself. She was turned down flatly. She asked for travel allowance so she could visit her dentist and optician.

She was turned down again. She couldn't get home service either because 'none of our staff wanted to work in an environment with excrement and urine'. I asked the municipality last autumn to please help my sister, help her get to her doctor or at least to a district nurse. I was already aware that she was very ill. But nothing happened. I begged the municipality to install a handicap alarm in my sister's house. Nope, she couldn't have that either.

My sister asked for a handicap ramp for the outside stairs. Nope. All she was given was a walker. They didn't do a thing for her and she was left to live alone, helpless and with her own excrement as her only company.

The word 'outrage' is not enough to describe the crimes of omission that are today committed in Sweden on a daily basis.

My sister's been in hospital since 31 May. The doctors have seen that she has osteoarthritis throughout her entire body. She suffers from a dangerous level of cardiac dysrhythmia. Her pulse is sky-high and uneven, her legs are as thick as tree trunks, and the sores on her legs are open and bleeding. But at least they've finally admitted she exists.

The politics that created this situation in the world's most famous utopia aren't limited to a devious prime minister. They're a snobbish attitude that's permeated the entire fabric of Swedish society. People don't care for those less fortunate - they ignore them and laugh at them, sometimes even physically abuse them. And should there be legislation still protecting their rights, just be patient: prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, under the caring guidance of the humanitarian Karl Rove, is currently working on it. The goal is to create a new Flint Michigan.

The school system is shot, with Sweden ranking close to the bottom. Most recently 14,500 students were left without schools to return to, and the manager running the affair for Reinfeldt celebrated by buying a $100 bottle of wine and posting a picture of it on Facebook with the caption 'because I'm worth it'.

The immigration situation is neglected and consequently out of control, and the recent nationwide riots resulted in absolutely nothing being done.

Reinfeldt's taken the state sector and sold it off like a Gordon Gecko on steroids, despite the sector consistently being the only profitable part of the Swedish economy. Hundreds of millions are squandered through sloppy, poorly researched deals, care for the elderly doesn't work as a result, with most revenues being channeled to offshore banks - but this doesn't bother the prime minister and his tutor Karl Rove. They think this is good. A subservient people reduced and humiliated into poverty reduces the risk for dangerous social upheaval.

Fredrik Reinfeldt's work the past years has been to deliberately damage the best social model on the planet.

The world's had enough of the Fredrik Reinfeldts for a long time to come.

But Swedes will have to wait until September 2014 to get rid of him. Today they have national elections every four years, not three as before, a recent change that now makes it possible to seriously ruin a country in a single mandate period.

A lot is riding on Swedes doing the right thing in 2014. And it's not just Elisabet's sister who's in trouble - the entire country is a total mess. By design.

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