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Mike Grunwald

Such a character.

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Hegemony - and its defence. We've seen the manifestation before. In outbursts by Jonah Goldberg and others. 'The man's a traitor - and a treasonist!' And so forth. Not a thought to the fact that 'traitor' (unlike 'treasonist' which isn't even a word) applies to people of one nation who go against that same nation.

But the hegemony of the US and the presumption of that hegemony by its power elite is so strong that they don't see the difference. 'Anything that destroys our power must itself be destroyed.' And so forth.

The very idea that a husk of a POTUS with no morals can undersign a decree to suddenly make murder legal and official is beyond the bounds of human rational thought. But that such a government be supported by the likes of Grunwald is definitely not surprising.

It's no wonder that WikiLeaks and Snowden enjoy universal appeal except in the US. For the US is the target of the outrage. Concerned US citizens are outraged too. But the landed gentry of the US hegemony are of course against it. They don't think - they just react. And theirs isn't a simple false step in logic. Theirs is a vested interest. Theirs in that interest is being enemies of mankind.

Mike Grunwald is such a character. And he's a reminder of what the battle is all about. For no matter how many enlightened voices one hears emanating from that isolated continent, there are those, often peeking out from within the woodwork, who are against the rest, who have their own secret agendas to maintain the tyrannical status quo. They have money and they have power and they're not parting with either, no matter how unfair.

Did the Mike Grunwalds object to the overthrow of Salvador Allende? To the assassination of Dr Ernesto Guevara? To the hundreds of attempts to kill Castro? To crippling the Soviet Union behind the back of Gorby so Ronnie and his countrymen could 'win' the Cold War? To dropping nuclear bombs on Japan just to intimidate Stalin? The answer to all the above is of course a resounding 'no' because it all furthers US prosperity over the 'savages'.

How recently have US schoolbooks been revised to not portray indigenous peoples in the Americas as beasts? The US will never be alone in such atrocious sentiments, but right now they're on the firing line, and it's not comfortable, and it's Julian Assange and his friends who are shining the spotlight, so they must be stopped, says and thinks Mike Grunwald.

For all the senseless chitchat of how incorrect Grunwald was in expressing such a sentiment on Twitter, no one but no one wonders about why such an atrocious thing would be expressed in the first place. Just as the power elite in the US never questioned this rubbish:

And it's amazing - yet taken for granted - how people outside the US see things like that as just one more example of how childish they can be over there - how they turn into crybabies at the first sign of setback. Their arrogance, their belief in their entitlement, their uncharismatic behaviour - those are well known outside the country. Yet no one inside the country really sees it for what it is.

The irony is that 'Grunwald' is a bastardisation of 'Grünwald' which is German for 'green forest'. Much as 'Greenwald' is. But whilst Glenn Greenwald is a heroic journalist beyond compare, Mike Greenwald is a cautious career writer who keeps his head low, plays by the rules set out by his employers - and harbours a secret agenda cultivated by what he's seen of how his own good fortunes grow.

To play the vinyl until it works no more: the United States have over 800 (EIGHT HUNDRED) military bases in 151 (ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ONE) countries on the planet, have police fleets sailing through all major bodies of water, and as we know now: have not only Echelon but PRISM, snap up all voice communications, bully the big providers and get unfettered access under any encryption layers, and are building a data storage centre way out there in Utah that boggles the mind. Bigger than Apple's in North Carolina.

[The data encryption algorithm DES, previously used on Unix systems, was originally 64-bit. Then the NSA got on the horn and got the engineers to reduce it to 56-bit so they could crack it. Originally they wanted 48-bit to make it even easier. So much for our safety and privacy.]

The Grunwald sentiment - it's not an argument - is about threatened hegemony. And the shame of all the talking heads writing about Grunwald right now - they want to and their bosses and advertisers want them to - is that most of them have no clue what the story's all about because they too are in that bubble.

The planet is round, human civilisation is global, and we are all equal. It's no secret that the big shots in Washington see themselves as an exception. Things are always better in the US, despite tens of millions suffering and fretting without sensible healthcare systems, recurring estimates showing that over 50% of the citizenry subsist under the poverty line, people liking guns more than sex, getting fat beyond belief with ghastly junk food, suffering from a vapid superficial culture - yet they insist, with utterly no first-hand knowledge themselves, that they are somehow better and all the rest have it far worse.

All the rest are actually 'savages' - they're far away, indecipherable, and must be contained. It's OK to support dictatorships the same way it's OK to have zoos. Loss of life in any form is OK as long as life and the standard of living improve back home. This is not a new sentiment or a new revelation either: it's exactly how the TLAs in Washington work. Study the speeches of Joe Lieberman and see for yourself. To an otherwise global 'we shouldn't do that' can be heard Obama's scary 'yes we can'.

Obama today reserves the right - by formal imperial decree - to murder anyone at any time for any reason. Anyone. Think about it. And it is resistance to this attitude, shared by Grunwald, that so irks Grunwald. Upstarts must be crushed. Truth seekers must be cast out. Truth tellers must be silenced. Truth is all good and all that - but if it interferes or threatens the status quo of the landed gentry, then it must be fought. For the ultimate truth - the only truth - is the power and wealth of the powerful and wealthy.

Ultimately the question goes far beyond putting Grunwald on the chow line. His current employers have been implicated with the CIA up to their eyeballs for years. Grunwald fits right in. Grunwald's only a symptom. The sickness itself must be combatted. The question becomes: are we content to collectively be an Il Grillo Parlante or do we really want to see a world of equality with the military might of the US crippled and destroyed once and for all?

Nothing but nothing will ever feel as good as the final disintegration of that US tyranny. Human civilisation does not need a bully or a superpower. Humans are perfectly capable of coexisting in peace without the rabid arms buildup and without crazy military operations happening everywhere. The history of the United States will be but a minor parenthetical detour in human history. Those who stand with the US at this moment, whether out of fear or out of greed, will be the big losers tomorrow. Heaven help them for their betrayal.

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