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WikiLeaks is Back

They're flooding the world with disruption.

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EVERYWHERE (Rixstep) — WikiLeaks is back. Actually they've never really been gone. But their submission system is back. As Julian Assange told Spiegel: 'we are drowning in material'.

The lifeline of WikiLeaks has always been their submission system. Some people will always find a way to blow the whistle, but the submission system makes it so much easier.

After suffering 'slings and arrows' for years, through the efforts of King and Lieberman of the infamous Senate Foreign Relations Committee, after holding up against the 'banking blockade', after surviving all of that - whilst at the same time whisking an Edward Snowden to safety - they're back - and more influential, powerful, and badder than ever.

The new submission system, built on a technology Assange is understandably reluctant to discuss, also addresses another weakness inherent in such systems, namely letting the 'bad guys' see who is accessing the system in the first place. WikiLeaks admirably solved this by putting the portal on each and every web page they have. Trying to find who's leaking that way becomes almost literally a hunt for 'a needle in a stack of needles'.

The torrent of WikiLeaks releases has been unabated, with more and more coming all the time. Hacking Team, the German government, TISA, the French presidential palace, Saudi cables... The list goes on and on and on. This was what was undoubtedly the vision from the outset. The WikiLeakers are truly crushing the bastards.

The world had hoped for the return of the submission system on 28 November 2011, one year to the date of Cablegate, but the day went by without incident, save for one Forbes comment. Certainly there are obstacles to establishing secure communications, what with the ease with which certificate authorities can be controlled and corrupted, and now with the 'bad guys' learning what their #1 threat is. After the maniacal destructiveness of the Leberkäse Kid, all bets had been off.

But they came back. They survived. And they're flooding the world with disruption. Long live WikiLeaks.

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