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Feminists look at men the same way Sweden Democrats look at immigrants

'Feminism stands for the rights of women. Equality stands for the rights of all. And that's the exact opposite.'

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The following was written by Leo Gerdén who is twelve years old. Leo Gerdén is also an active member of the youth league of Sweden's Centre Party (formerly Farmers Party). Leo's opinions are specifically in regard to Sweden but may of course apply to any country/culture in the world of today.

Today you have to call yourself a feminist to be seen as supporting equality. If you don't call yourself a feminist, that means that you're for the patriarchy and men and women not having the same rights. I'm for equality, but I've come to realise that feminism's working in the opposite direction, and gender's become more important than competence in their eyes.

Feminism focuses only on helping the one sex, namely women. To me, equality is about protecting the rights of both sexes, not just the one of them. Feminism wants to protect women and not men. This means that we differentiate even more between the sexes and work against equality. To me, equality occurs when both sexes have the same opportunities to do and achieve their desires, and not when one of the sexes gets more privileges than the other. We must focus on evening out the differences, and not talk about rights for only one of the sexes.

Many women portray men as a social problem. Much the same way the Sweden Democrats portray immigrants as a social problem. Feminism has made it socially acceptable to hammer on men - but not women. This is the diametric opposite of equality. Discriminating against men doesn't make things better for women.

Another ideology which actually leads to equality is the 'equality movement' ('equalism'). Equalism supports breaking norms and structures - it's those problems which make Sweden 'unequal'. In contrast to feminism, we want to focus on both sexes, and we think everyone should have the same opportunity to do and achieve their desires.

We all have the same objective: a Sweden of equality. It's just that we have very different ideas about how we're to achieve this equality. According to the feminists, this is achieved when national statistics start looking the way they want. But I believe this is achieved when the gender issue has become completely irrelevant. Feminism stands for the rights of women. Equality stands for the rights of all. And that's the exact opposite.

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