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Margot Wallström & Democracy

They're not friends.

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Say what you want about Sweden's Skinhead Democrats (SD) but they're certainly not responsible for the large number of arson attacks against asylum housing in Germany and Sweden. Even Margot Wallström's children should know better.

But that's not good enough for dear Margot. The politician everyone wanted back from Brussels has turned out to be a disappointing autocrat who has no respect for democracy and the will of the people.

She's done it before, when she shoved a proposal down the throats of Europeans despite a clear mandate that showed her what the people really wanted, and now she's doing it again.

Swedes are not racists. But they vote in increasing numbers for the (SD) party because they're sick and tired of the lying and corruption of, amongst others, Margot Wallström. They're sick and tired of seeing their country being mismanaged by a bunch of incompetent populistic boobs.

Julian Assange hinted that the current refugee crisis, kicked off by a doctored photo of poor Aylan, is 'orchestrated'. That doesn't diminish the authenticity of the current situation, but it does point to the fact that people like Margot Wallström are hopeless tools.

And most of those trying to escape the current crisis in Syria are in fact not from Syria.

Yet Margot Wallström is not about to devote a nanosecond of her time to looking into what's going on.

Margot Wallström came out of the blue (out of Brussels) to help the Social Democrats finally win an election after eight years away from power. Her party leader was an unwilling leader, having failed at finding a head for the party, and only then - and very reluctantly - agreeing to assume the leadership himself.

And it shows. No visionaries there. But what's most alarming - most scary - is the latent aggressive platform of Ms Wallström herself.

Margot Wallström wants her fellow Swedes to accept more and more refugees, even as state television shows them that the immigration system is broken and corrupt. It simply doesn't work. There is no room for those people. But rather than telling the higher-ups that the situation is critical, Margot Wallström insists on keeping immigration at a level over twice that of any other EU country. Rather than standing one's ground, and letting other EU states share more of the burden, Margot Wallström wants to 'excel'.

Does Margot Wallström herself have to share any of this burden?


  • Margot lives in Västra Takene in the exclusive Hammarö. She's neighbours with a number of famous athletes and 'dance band' celebrity / cougar heartthrob Christer Sjögren.

  • Hammarö is not just any old Swedish municipality. Their incomes are a walloping 26% higher than the country as a whole.

  • The interests of people in Hammarö are noted to be: potted plants, solving crossword puzzles and sudokus, and working in their gardens.

  • Most importantly, the people of Hammarö are not Margot's loyal party comrades - they're mostly from the archenemy party, Carl Bildt's 'Moderates', who they vote for 46% more than the national average.

The Swedish people are enraged because their politicians have lost the plot. Even the leader of the Skinhead Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson, came out and condemned the arson attacks.

Swedes need a government, not more chaos. And above all, Swedes need more honesty and less hypocrisy from the likes of Margot Wallström.

The Headline Game as Political Propaganda

But the above is only half the story. As pointed out at other Swedish news sites, Margot did indeed stress the fact that the Swedish system is falling apart - that sooner rather than later the country will fail.

The headline at Helsingborgs Dagblad reads:

(Wallström: There's a Limit to How Many Refugees Sweden Can Handle)

The 'interviewee' elaborates:

'I think most people understand that we cannot maintain a system where we take in 190,000 people a year. At some point our system will collapse. And such a system will not enjoy popular support.'

Which is basically what the above op-ed was saying. So why the confusion? It's the old 'headline game'.

The Swedish MSM, controlled by Schibsted (in turn owned in part by Goldman Sachs) and the notorious Bonniers, don't like Sweden's (SD) party, and conduct continual campaigns against them. Like them or not, side with the media or not, the 'headline game' is a subtle yet very effective method to sway public opinion - and to take words out of people's mouths.

It works like this, and it's quite simple, actually: a media outlet conduct an 'interview' with a useful idiot, the interview's not annotated formally, the outlet can then 'cherry-pick' what they want, including that all-important headline.

Piece of cake.

The 'admirable' Swedish MSM are co-opting the current humanitarian tragedy for political gain.

One thing that can't be made up: Margot Wallström claims that she knows how the 'world works'. But judging from her embarrassingly long list of epic fails so far, that's not even close to the truth.

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