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Jean-Claude Juncker: 'Russia-Bashing Must Stop'


Citizen Halo: Russia is part of Europe till Ural Mountain range. The US waging trade war on 'allies'. Time to dump the U.S and turn to East where the future is.

Radsoft News: Remember that Gromyko asked Harriman in the 1950s if Russia could join NATO. :P

Doom: Soviets tried to join Nato in 1954

Radsoft News: Yes. Brilliant. Excellent. Thanks!

Radsoft News: Yes, this one's so easy even a yankee political appointee shld get it. The MIC who invaded 1700 after FDR needed an enemy to keep food on the table. Now here comes Russia, WW2 ally, who say 'sure, let's defend the peace', and the greedos shit on themselves. But they work for you!

Radsoft News: 'the unrealistic nature of the proposal does not warrant discussion' That's new. Harriman purportedly rang home to Ike asking what to do. Both were totally flummoxed. USA - 0 1 - СССР

Radsoft News: This should be framed and hung on every kitchen wall in the US next to 'Home Sweet Home', Peace *is* that simple - just shut down the bad guys. #NATO #Nimmo #AC #Bellingcat

Radsoft News: Tokyo: when the winds blow north from Hiroshima... Hundreds of thousands of Japs paid with their lives cos the MIC, who were Truman's puppeteer, wanted to intimidate Soviet with the size of their... weaponry. The MIC. Ike knew. So did Orwell.

Radsoft News: And now, Yeltsin couldn't stay sober. He was better than the typical brutal dictator. But he resigned. Appointed a little known little man in a brown suit. No one suspected. Yanks play football and poker. Bluff & brute force. Putin plays chess. So do his buds in govt. Stay tuned.

Radsoft News: What most people are seeing now is a complete reversal. Topsy turvy. Up is down, left is right, good guys are bad guys, bad guys are good. Russia, BRICS, petrodollars, gold, the US house of cards... Things are changing. Exciting times.

Radsoft News: Study how the CIA/MI8/et al operate and expose them, read up on how they engineer coups. Cos that's what they've perfected in 50+ years. Call 'em out. Make your politicians know that their gravy train is in not becoming corrupt. End the MIC. Build for peace. Condemn the bad guys.

Radsoft News: The Powers That Be™ - including the corrupt #MSM - cannot survive in the Age of WikiLeaks. They're done for. Keep exposing them, keep sharing the truth, and FFS get that Aussie safely out of Knightsbridge. #ReconnectAssange #WikiLeaks

Radsoft News: This version has no Yoko, only lyrics, tacky format at that. But even so. And forget the music too for that matter. Think of what the words really mean. ALL OF THEM.

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