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An Open Letter to Jack Dorsey

Rot, Jack. Rot.

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You've already taken our friends and colleagues down, for openly expressing scepticism about the 'official' line on the Skripal case. Clearly you have an agenda with NATO, with the Atlantic Council, with their goons Ben Nimmo, Eliot Higgins, with others.

Today you took us down, for, to use the words of Ian Shilling, making 'a nebulous comment on the BBC's current disgusting Neocon War Propaganda'.

The complete archived transcript of the Twitter thread is here:


Imagine waking to see that tripe on the BBC, of all places, once a respected news organisation.

You want us to now 'identify' ourselves, with a mobile number which can immediately identify us, which can in turn jeopardise our personal safety. But of course that's the point, isn't it? You want either to let dissenters come to physical harm (or worse) or you want to at least intimidate them so they learn to Shut The Fuck Up.

All you're really doing, however, is proving, once and for all, that your Twitter system is hopelessly corrupt. This after the revelations by Project Veritas earlier this year: you spend considerable time and human resources not on fixing your amazingly crappy code, but on spying on people, digging into their personal and very private 'direct messages', on 'shadow-banning' those users you personally do not like, so their information and opinions are not shared by others.

You ban or temporarily shut down accounts that have vital information which you, Jack Dorsey, do not want others to see. You are corrupt and contemptible. And your hopeless social media platform, of perhaps 300 million users, is doomed. Or should be.

The world we live in is increasingly dangerous - not through our doing, but through the doing of you and your friends. Yours is not an impartial, unbiased platform - you have a personal agenda, and have said so and so demonstrated on innumerable occasions, and it's truly despicable. Grow the fuck up.

You deny Julian Assange a 'verified' tick mark and openly tell him he won't get one. Julian Assange represents nothing but the truth, and you know it.

You pounced upon the opportunity to ban Milo on excuses that couldn't even be classified as highly as 'flimsy'.

You took away a 'verified' tick mark from Project Veritas for exposing your crimes.

At the same time, you openly let terrorist accounts threaten and harass other users.

You are despicable.

The world needs a good platform, available to all, where everyone (yes everyone) can take part in a free and open debate. Twitter is not such a platform.

There are alternatives. People must start using them now. People will later be judged on whether they dared lead by good example, or stuck with the fascist Jack Dorsey.

1. Gab. Lots of rednecks, but there is no blocking or banning.
2. Minds. A bit difficult.
3. Mastodon. Perhaps the most promising, as it's 'federated' and open source.

Whether we return to Twitter is an open issue. You, Jack Dorsey, have made the platform unusable.

Rot, Jack. Rot.

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