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The death sentence against Julian Assange

The people of Sweden have blood on their hands.

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STOCKHOLM/GOTHENBURG/KNIGHTSBRIDGE (Radsoft) — The following is the only article about Julian Assange of late in Swedish media. And it's not even 'mainstream'. Were Pam Anderson to pop up in Knightsbridge, they might cover it. Otherwise no. The complicity of the country's journalists in what's happened to Assange is not marginal. As in other cases in the recent past, they remain silent when it suits their careers. That they're despicable: this is not news. They've always been that way.

UN Commission on Human Rights - powerless against the crooked politicians and lawyers of the West

The death sentence against Julian Assange

Today you'll hear no protests that Assange is now in his seventh year shut up in Ecuador's embassy in London, and, for some time now, deprived of the opportunity to meet with family, friends and doctors, and to use the Internet.

The liberal consciences have gone out. A Russophobic agenda has taken over, and, in this Cold War 2.0, compassion for the whistleblower - and, in addition, someone who was smeared a Russian mole - is the last thing the West needs.

In the US, a grand jury convened, preparing treason charges that could lead to a death sentence - despite the fact that Assange is an Australian citizen, and under no circumstances can have been guilty of treason against the United States.

The only similar case we know of - Hungarian cardinal Mindzenty's 15-year stay at the US Embassy in Budapest 1956-71 - was described at the time as a terrible Soviet crime against human rights.

When Nixon kicked Mindszenty out, it turned out that no one in Hungary harmed a hair on his head.

Today, the US and UK are doing exactly what the big bad Soviets did, and it doesn't even raise an eyebrow of the fine liberal lords like Wolodarski [editor-in-chief of Bonnier flagship DN.se - Ed].

Duty-bound journalists should instead use a magnifying glass to examine how Sweden played under the covers with the UK and US here.

Is not it interesting that Marianne Ny, after having had the knife at Assange's throat for six years, decides to take it away and drop the case (as long as Assange remains inaccessible) precisely in May 2017. Why did she do that?

In February 2017, Lenin Moreno won the election in Ecuador, after the radical Correa resigned, and in May, a week after Marianne Ny's decision, he assumes power. It is after a meeting with the commander of the US Southern Command General Joseph Di Salvo that Moreno decides to tighten the isolation of Assange. Assange is now a problem that Moreno has 'inherited' and will try to get rid of.

Moreno took the knife from Marianne Ny.

It appears highly unlikely today that Assange will ever be able to enjoy any Ecuadorian asylum. The moment he sets foot on the street, he'll be arrested by British police and extradited to the United States.

The treatment of Assange has been condemned by the UN Commission on Human Rights, a decision that was ridiculed and scorned in the liberal media. Since the US left the Council, DN.se's Sofia Nerbrand took the opportunity to pour more gasoline on the charred consciences.

Trump, who made use of WikiLeaks materials against his rival in the 2016 US election campaign, has stopped a series of prosecutions against friends and relatives, and even set aside a judgment of conscientious objection against the deceased Mohammed Ali, whilst Assange does not even got a 'thank you' for having exposed Clinton's dirty laundry.

Considering Julian Assange's fragile health, it's no exaggeration to say that the current stalemate is tantamount to a death sentence. Either in the arms of US 'justice', or in the form of a waning away at the Ecuadorean Embassy. Assange turns 47 on 3 July, and it is a well known fact that isolation increases the mortality rate by at least one third.

If Julian Assange dies without being able to breathe freedom again, the Swedish government, the public prosecutor, and the major Swedish media will be high on the list of the guilty. And the heartless hypocrites Stefan Löfven and Wallström can share a cell in hell!

Stefan Lindgren

Julian Assange c/o Ecuadorean Embassy in London, United Kingdom
Flat 3b, 3 Hans Crescent
London SW1X OLS

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