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You knew. You couldn't care.

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80%. 80% voted for this mess in #Sweden. 80%.

They voted for Reinfeldt when he promised not to persecute file-sharers. Reinfeldt then went on to persecute file-sharers.

They believed Reinfeldt when he told them they had to 'open their hearts'. They believed him when he said they were in for tough times - years before the 'refugee crisis' of 2015.

When Reinfeldt's cabinet minister Anders Borg traveled to the US to tell a think tank 'you guys keep making the wars, we want the refugees', those 80% ignored it.

When @katjanouch told the truth, 80% harassed her.

When Tim Pool came to the country, 80% shunned him.

When Donald #Trump expressed shock at Sweden, 80% spat at him.

When the bombings, gang-rapes, torture of domestic animals, murders, beatings of 70-year-old women in wheelchairs started going down, 80% said things weren't that bad.

When Jeanette's friends at 'At Your Side' started working on a protest, 80% ignored her.

When the preteen girls were raped in downtown Stockholm, the MSM chose to bury the stories - two years in a row.

The truth has been out there all along. 80% chose to watch their WTF (Bingolotto) instead. Because they're stupid? Ask them.

This has been going on in high gear for the past ten years. 'DGS' forced the hand of the minister for justice and paid a lot of money for access to statistics the government had been trying to hide.

And now, when these statistics are presented in public, that same minister for justice gets an international company to remove the video clip for this presentation on the grounds that it's 'hate speech'.

George Orwell said... But you know. You know - if you're in the 20%. As for the other 80%, they've never heard of George Orwell...

80%. 80% destroyed the best nation in the world.

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