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RIP Twitter, Long Live the Internet

Sir Berners-Lee certainly had better thoughts than Jack Dorsey's.

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Take five minutes to look at these links.

https://on.rt.com/a43f https://on.rt.com/a313 http://archive.is/3pQM8

If you have any clue at all how IT works, then you see what's going on.

You see, probably already see, a toxic bias against anything that's not pro-Hillary. That means that anyone to either the right or the left of her is dirt. Susan Sarandon is dirt. Bernie Sanders is dirt. Tulsi Gabbard is dirt. And so forth. Not hard to keep that line going, as it's defence contractors in the US who control the MSM. But perhaps you like it. More probably you don't.

Here's the reach cruncher. As we and our sister site have pointed out for years, the coders at Twitter are clowns. Yes, that's right: clowns. They're retards in the current vernacular. They're not good programmers, and they have no sense of professional maturity or responsibility. And, more often that not, they don't often have your own interests at heart.

Those millions of passwords that somehow leaked? That wasn't an accident. Perhaps the leak itself was an accident, but the very harvesting of those passwords was not an accident. The people had to go out of their way to get those passwords and log them. Those passwords are not needed ever. They're not used. They don't have to go beyond volatile memory, and in fact must not either. But Twitter did that. They intentionally inserted code into otherwise acceptable login routines to HARVEST YOUR PASSWORDS.

Do you get it? Is there anyone out there thicker than even the proverbial brick who does not get it? Servers don't use passwords! They use the encryption of them! Do you get it now? Consult your parent or guardian if you're still having trouble with this, for you're holding up the show. You are, in such case, one of the STUPID SHEEPLE who is letting the corruption continue.

Twitter never cared about you. Did you really think they did? They never cared about you. Never. It's all money. Look at their investors. Look at how they suck up to anyone with money, and suck up to power across the globe.

The government of the United States protects free speech. Jack Dorsey does not.

The government of the United States - its legislation - has some of the best speech protection on the planet. It's no wonder that people everywhere - especially and including Great Britain - look up to the United States in this regard.

Jack Dorsey doesn't care about free speech. His lieutenant Vijaya Gadde doesn't either - she's a Clintonista.

Look at the damage on Twitter. Who's on Twitter today? Dumbfucks, to borrow an expression from Mark Zuckerberg. Dumbfucks. People with no brains and no guts. There are alternatives if you want to hang out with people and have a sensible conversation without the constant overhanging risk that your preschool monitor will yank you up and put you in detention.

It's very easy to understand. It's very easy to understand, even if you have all those precious followers on Twitter (or Facebook).

No one in Silicon Valley gives two hoots about you. At best, you're a number to them. At best.

Gab is a good platform. It's been created and is run by people who don't want the sky and billions in the bank, people who, oddly enough, really believe in free speech. Give it a try. There's an entire ecosystem developing in there. They have news aggregators, comment systems for sites that don't want comments. They have their own fricking web browser FFS. And so much more.

They're working on a secure private message system where all your private messages will be encrypted so neither they nor anyone else will be able to see what you're posting - unlike Twitter, for example, where the droids over there pour over your 'direct messages' constantly both for their own pleasure and for the chance to shut you down because you're evil and don't hold to the same views as they do.

Twitter is sick and needs to be put out of its misery. Abandon Twitter and let it suffer the ignominious demise it deserves.

Get on Gab.

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