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REDMOND (Rixstep) — It's all over the news. Globally. A big international bust.

They shut down the website imminentmethods.net.

Who or what are 'Imminent Methods'? They market(ed) a remote administration tool. A type of trojan. A bit like Barok.

Even the Swedish police got involved. But the bust was still a success, it seems.

Well, well... The first question everybody must be worrying about: 'can it hurt me?'

And that's a very good question!

There are news links all over the place. Just search for 'IM RAT' and you'll see. All over the place.

But they won't tell you much about the 'RAT'.

So let's try the Wayback Machine. Let's go back to April of this year. Whoah! They got the whole site running there!

Can they still accept payments? That's still possible? $25 and it's yours! (But no refunds on Bitcoin, sorry!)

We scoot around a bit and finally find what we're looking for. Ah. Relief. Satisfaction.

How many times do you see the word 'Windows' in that graphic?

Perhaps if we reprint the text here?

'Imminent Monitor is an advanced System Remote Administration Tool designed for Windows based operating systems'

There aren't many systems based on Windows. Except Windows of course. Who wants to base a system on Windows?


87.5%. 87.5%.

That's the saturation of Microsoft Windows in the personal computer market. Today. Today, nearly 20 years after ILOVEYOU hit.

Twenty years. And people are still this fucking stupid.

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