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It's not just Biden.

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The Fawlty Towers episode with the health inspector? Remember it?

It's not just Biden.

It's been a long time since the US has been in such dire straits. They're cancelling Thanksgiving and will probably cancel Xmas too. There are 75,000 more Covid fatalities this year with all the vaccinations (and the milder Delta variant) than there were last year when there were no vaccines and Anthony Fauci was using all his power to stop people from getting early treatment. According to many, the reason Fauci did this was to force healthcare into a situation where they had to consider remdesivir, a drug that time and again has proven to be worthless, but for which Gilead Sciences tanked a lot in R&D. We also have video footage of Fauci outright deceiving (lying to) Trump in the White House. So people are dropping like flies, and not only in the US, but everywhere, because Fauci's tentacles reach into any country they please.

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted.

That's good. People who've seen his interview with Tucker Carlson on Monday night have seen something amazing. Kyle says the case is only about self-defence, but the 'stir' has been about the lying conniving media.

We're learning an important lesson here. The media don't care about truth as long as there's at least one idiot out there who believes their lies.

Sweden had two recent incidents of this in relation to Rittenhouse. Bonnier's flagship broadsheet initially published the following.

'Eighteen-year-old Rittenhouse showed no reaction as the verdict was read and he immediately left the courtroom when the judge allowed.'

They later retracted it of course but...

And in the tax-funded Kindergarten known as 'public service' they published the following.

'Regarding Wisconsin law, where citizens in some cases can exercise lethal force in self-defence without first attempting to use a proportional force...'

And after Kyle's interview with Tucker Carlson, and especially after the documentary coming next month, that issue should be resolved.

That nation - and the world - could now start to heal. But healing's a long way off.

November 2020 elections.

This great democracy, warts and all, is famous for touting democracy, yet today has one of the most corrupt voting systems in the world. Already in 2004 people were up in arms. Using Windows to count votes? Statistics 101, they say, this isn't working. Yet now in 2021 they still haven't fixed it. And they have mid-terms coming up in a year. Are they going to use Dominion systems again? Nancy Pelosi's kept hundreds of possible misdemeanours behind bars for over half a year. The Red Queen was offended. Backing Adam Schiff who lied about Ukraine because he knew he legally could? That's OK.

Shanty towns.

Cruise the two dozen LA freeways, they say. Tent cities all over the place. Steinbeck described LA as a bath drain filter but he had no idea.


Chicago just had another great weekend. It never stops. Portland too. Trump's federal government offered to help, but the Democrat governors hated Trump. No sign if Biden will help. No sign if Biden even knows his name.


What should be the single exclusive most important issue is relegated to cocktail parties, yet the results coming in speak unequivocally. The vaccines don't work, they never worked, and those pushing them have known this all along. Yet passing out Ivermectin kits to everyone is verboten. Uttar Pradesh eradicated Covid completely. They're not alone. Uttar Pradesh has a population of 241 million and last week had a total of 103 active cases. How many active cases did they have in the US? And how many active cases in the rest of the world? For Fauci controlled that too. Going on six million fatalities and the cure's been known since May 2020 at the latest.

CRT, Wokeism.

This is violence too. A lot of it is spurned on by organisations funded by George Soros. Virginia's been besieged but now they have a new governor coming. New York City elected a new black 'law and order' mayor but good old BLM have already threatened him. If he tries to advocate law and order, there will be consequences.


Soon water will cost more than champagne. It's a number of Biden policies and his fury to revoke Trump EOs the very day he officially entered office. The very day he was sworn in.


Trump wanted out of Afghanistan and made extensive plans to do so. Biden inherited this. Then, overriding his joint chiefs and the White House cleaning lady, he pulled out the military before the civilians could leave. He's left hundreds if not thousands behind. Just abandoned them. Approve of war or not, you just don't do that. And it's not a military matter anyway. It's a matter of taking care of people or just abandoning them, and no one in the US has ever done that before. Biden also left $90 billion in advanced military technology behind for the Chinese. Is Biden an asset for a foreign power? Lara Logan's been up in arms about this as she should be.

And that's just scratching the surface.

We used to play a game in summer Stockholm. We'd sit on the steps of the Nordic Museum and watch all the tourists coming to the amusement parks. The thing was that you could see them long before you heard them. So you'd point to a group and 'call it' before they got in earshot. What country are they from? That was the game.

Germans were easy to spot. Obese and loud clothing and with a general attitude like they owned the place and were just inspecting.

Brits were easy. Their girls were long-legged and gangly, their sense of fashion quite off. But they behaved pleasantly.

Other Scandinavians could be dicey. They generally look great and dress well, so you had to look closer. Swedes were generally the most pleasant.

People from the US were easiest. You couldn't really speak about sense of fashion and they're always so bug-eyed as if lost.

The most insular people in Europe we've ever seen are the Brits. Perhaps this is because they're an island. But the most insular peoples in the world are the North Americans. Perhaps this is because they're a continent.

The US is a nation and a people. After the mania all summer long in 2020, it was refreshing to watch the MAGA rallies in the autumn. That might not be a culture you can agree with and believe in, but there's no denying they're happy and good to each other.

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