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Knock knock, Ted Cruz. Russia never invaded Crimea.

They were already there. 16,000 of them.

By mutual agreement.

They had the right to deploy as many as 25,000 but those were peaceful times.

The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) joined Sharon Tennyson for a skinny dip in the Black Sea for publicity's sake. For the sake of peace (and sanity). To show it wasn't dangerous. A few low-echelon reporters from the US dared come over to see themselves. They were shocked and surprised. To say the least.

Ted Cruz is a leading US politician. He once challenged Trump for the GOP nomination. He was very resentful at his loss. Times change, people forget, but history is constant. Russia never invaded Crimea.

Crimea's been part of the Russian empire since 1789. 1789's a big date in western history. Catherine the Great, as she's called internationally, the leader of Russia at the time, making Russia the world's first superhuman feminist superpower perhaps, acquired Crimea in that year. 1789.

Robin Monotti's famous Yacht House is located in Crimea. Here's Robin's wife Vera Filatova posing outside the Yacht House for a Vogue photoshoot. Her dress and sandals are both by Alexander McQueen.

Vera is known for her film and theatre work, particularly for her collaboration with Swedish luminary Erland Josefsson, perhaps most famous with international audiences for his leading role in the original Scenes From A Marriage by Ingemar Bergman, costarring Liv Ullman.

Anyway. Crimea's a great place. Perhaps too cold for some. (Russia lacks hot places.) And Russia never invaded Crimea. But they needed access to the port there. Their only way to get into the Med. Which is why the Deep State keep fucking with them.

The US and the proxy NATO have 99.9% control of the Med. They like to keep it that way. It's that odd 0.1% that annoys them. That's why they also hate Syria. For Syria lease a small port to Russia for 'quick fixes', enabling damaged Russian vessels to make it back to Crimea if need be.

Victoria Nuland's 2014 Kiev coup was all about the crown jewel of Crimea. It had little to do with Ukraine. Ukraine's just a bunch of batshit Nazis (not neo-Nazis but real Nazis) left over from World War Two (and spared by Allen Dulles in the Nuremberg purges). They're fucking batshit. Victoria might be compelled to travel to Kiev to pass out cookies with her lapdog Geoff Pyatt but she's not going to associate with Nazis longer than she has to. (Still, she's OK with getting naked between the sheets with them if they'll have her.)

Victoria Nuland is an interesting sidebar in genocidal psychopathology. You needn't spend long on her. (Her lovers don't either.)

What's amazing is that she's jewish and yet so euphorically aligns with infamous antisemitic elements. Oh well.

Victoria Nuland is joined at the sphincter to Robert Kagan, the co-architect of the manifesto of the Project for the New American Century, a fascist organisation calling for the US military invasion of everyone.

Robert Kagan's brother Frederick is also mentally short-circuited, as is Frederick's cannibalistic wife Kimberly, who is not a paralegal but the founder of the infamous Institute for the Study of War. (Those guys like bombs.) (Beautiful people they're not.)

And they're all under the Wing of Hillary. Victoria was once Hillary's Jen Psaki. That should tell you a lot.

Victoria was openly bragging in DC about how she'd totally fucked over the Ukraine. How she'd funneled USD five billion taxpayer into sixty-five NGOs in western Ukraine.

There's a big difference between eastern Ukraine and western Ukraine. Western Ukraine is where all the Nazis fester. They're remnants of the SS brigades led by their hero Stepan Bandera who, in addition to being clinically unhinged and deranged and scarier than his lookalike from the Middle East of the 600s, also espoused Ukrainian independence. Which is why they like him. But George Washington he's not.

Basically there are towns in western Ukraine that are scarier than Corleone Sicily. You get the picture. Go for a stroll in scenic Lvov and you might be OK if you stop every 20 feet and give the Sig Heil salute.

Financially there's nothing in western Ukraine. Only Nazis (not neo-Nazis but real Nazis) and Victoria Nuland's 65 NGOs. All the money's in the east.

The east has two major provinces: Donetsk and Lugansk. Collectively they're known as Donbass. Kiev held presidential elections in May 2014. The people of Donbass prepared by fortifying their public buildings. Petro Poroshenko (known affectionately as 'Porky') won the election - and already the same evening began bombing and shelling the shit out of Donbass. An estimated one and one half million people fled to Russia where they were well taken care of. (But you'll never read about that in the newspapers of Texas Ted.)

The people of Donbass have considered applying for membership in the Russian Federation, but, unlike the Crimeans who are overwhelmingly Russian, the people of Donbass are Ukrainian and would prefer staying that way. They'd just like it if the Nazis in Kiev obeyed the Minsk Agreement. Everyone signed onto the Agreement, but when have you known Nazis to keep their word?

Ukraine and Crimea are half a world away, Ted Cruz. Stick to cattle, oil, and your considerable border crisis. Study your Monroe Doctrine.

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