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Bigger Than Jeopardy!

Stupidity is destructive.

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'Bigger Than Jeopardy!'

The Microsoft billboards blasted the message across Sweden, complete with pictures of the latest version of Microsoft Windows. The game show Jeopardy was a big hit in Sweden, hosted by comedian Magnus Härenstam. Perhaps the local Microsoft sales office had conducted a survey? Perhaps not. But Windows was all the rage there, so much so that Sweden was given 'favoured nation status' by Microsoft, meaning that Microsoft visited Sweden first on product rollout tours and a special compatibility lab was set up in Danderyd near the metro station Mörby Centrum. Loyalty to the Microsoft brand was nearly exclusive: no one talked of open source or any competitor products.

Users of Microsoft products had recurring issues, such as with their Swedish characters, because Microsoft intentionally subverted open standards, but things just kept on.

Jeopardy host Magnus Härenstam was replaced in 2006 by Adam Alsing. In April 2020 Alsing passed away in complications due to Covid-19. The events are not unrelated.

Our Covid pandemic actually began back in 2019. According to data viewed by Chris Martenson, Wuhan experienced a cellphone blackout 6-11 October 2019. Chris also says he's seen satellite photos of roadblocks surrounding the virology lab. Donald Trump says he's seen satellite photos of bodies being piled up in the area.

It didn't take long for NASDAQ to catch on, and it didn't take scientists long to catch on either. But one thing noted early on by Peter McCullough was that there were no organisations, either in his country or worldwide, to collate data on the virus and on how to defeat it. The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) was created in this vacuum. Chris Martenson held daily updates for over one hundred days with no breaks, abandoning his ordinary responsibilities, to help in the fight.

Roger Seheult of San Bernardino, known for his post-grad level online courses in medicine, offered a tutorial in early March, still days before the WHO declaration, on how hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) could be used effectively to fight the virus, as it acted as an ionophore, letting zinc into the virus cells to kill them. Vladimir 'Zev' Zelenko had incredible success in treating thousands of patients in New York state with HCQ.

Chris Martenson beseeched and nagged the WHO to declare the pandemic, knowing this would trigger a number of necessary measures. Chris, as many others, knew where things were heading already back in January 2020 and said so. He also understood the importance of the so-called 'exponential function', and knew that delays were making things worse by full orders of magnitude.

But frontline doctors in the Orient had already found a way to combat Covid. Rummaging through published medical papers, they'd come upon an old report coauthored by none other than Anthony Fauci that showed that chloroquine was effective in fighting SARS1.

Chloroquine is a manufactured enhancement of quinine, the potion traditionally imbibed to protect against malaria in Africa. But it helped defeat SARS1. Chloroquine had since been further refined into hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) which made it both more effective and safer. HCQ is now listed as one of the WHO's 100 Essential Medicines.

HCQ proved very successful in treating Covid patients in the Far East. The FLCCC put together a number of suggested treatment protocols.

When news of the pandemic reached Wall Street in January 2020, the market cap of Gilead Sciences, holders of a patent on the unapproved antiviral remdesivir, went ballistic by $21 billion almost overnight. But when news about HCQ reached NASDAQ only a few weeks later, Gilead's market cap plummeted back down.

A war against HCQ and general early (or prophylactic) treatments had begun. Previously available throughout Europe over the counter and without prescription, HCQ was suddenly nowhere to be found, and doctors were suddenly prohibited from recommending or prescribing it. They offered no explanations, only 'we can't do that anymore'.

Official therapy for a Covid infection, as actor Louis Gossett testified, was to simply go back home. Go back home, get worse and worse, until one stumbled into the ER, whereupon you'd be given Gilead's remdesivir, which obviously didn't help.

To date the toll of lives lost to Covid is some 6,000,000 (5,408,723 at time of writing) with 280 million cases worldwide. Almost all those 6,000,000 lives could have been saved had early treatment with HCQ been used. Six million is a lot of lives on someone's conscience.

Life-saving treatment with HCQ was there for the taking already in January 2020. Every life lost since then was unnecessary and is actually murder. There have been powerful and very sinister forces at work to capture medical professionals and governments, not to specifically take lives but to promote unproven and incomplete vaccines - and damn the torpedoes, for those responsible have been fully aware that such policies were in fact costing lives. So it's one and the same - it's still murder. Premeditated murder to boot.

News of yet another drug began to emerge in early 2020. An in vitro study at Monash had shown Ivermectin was especially powerful in combatting Covid, with 98.2% viral clearance in 48 hours.

Then a wonderful thing happened - described by Satoshi Omura as a 'gift'. The Canadian Valley View nursing home had an outbreak of scabies. The standard treatment for scabies is Ivermectin.

The median age for residents at Valley View was high, mid-80s with many in their 90s. They were all given Ivermectin to contain and defeat the scabies outbreak. Valley View staff didn't take the drug - they weren't threatened. Only residents took it.

Then Covid hit.

58% of staff at Valley View got infected by Covid - but not a single Valley View resident.

Paul Marik and Pierry Kory of the FLCCC turned their attention to Valley View. 'I think there's a signal here', said Paul. Backed up by demographic reports from Juan Chamie, the FLCCC came out with a new protocol, now incorporating Ivermectin (IVM) rather than HCQ.

Ivermectin (IVM) turns out to be nothing short of a wonder drug, described by Satoshi Omura as a 'gift'. It's based on spores he found at a country club south of Tokyo, and has not been found anywhere else to this day. It too is on the WHO's list of 100 Essential Medicines. It kills corona viruses across the board, meaning it's likely to rid the race of the 'common code' as well. (Got the sniffles? Take 3 mg IVM. And IVM is technically safer than water. Yes, H20.)

Ivermectin (IVM) is both an antiviral and an anti-inflammatory. The latter is crucial, for it's not the virus per se that hits hard - it's the immune system's reaction, the so-called 'cytokine storm'.

Ivermectin is dirt cheap, its patent expiring over twenty years ago. Doctors William Campbell and Satoshi Omura were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015 for their work with Ivermectin.

Microsoft systems are the only computer host of computer viruses in the world. No other system tolerates viruses. Only Microsoft. Viruses and malware are different things: anyone can attack a platform with malware, but only Microsoft operating systems can host viruses.

So it's bit ironic that the entitled Bill Gates, who made 'computer virus' a household term, should be, along with Tony Fauci, one of the two major driving forces behind the current Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Tony Fauci controls some $6.8 billion in annual funding to healthcare institutions. Say something Tony doesn't like and find yourself cut off.

Bill Gates made himself the richest person in the world by selling a substandard product to unwitting consumers on a global scale. Gates used his ill-gotten gains to increase his wealth several times over and to invest heavily in Big Pharma. And it's Big Pharma's lobbyists who 'capture' politicians the world over.

The Covid-19 pandemic is over in a fortnight if you want it. Unfortunately not everyone wants it like you do.

'Adam was a fountain of love', said his friend Anders Timell. 'He cared about everyone and everything.'

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