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3/2 on PP to EU 2009-05-05
You won't get better odds.

Police in Your Brain II 2009-04-22
Why do people cripple culture with copyright laws? Because they can. By Thomas Götselius.

Police in Your Brain I 2009-04-22
IPRED is a counterrevolution. By Isobel Hadley-Kamptz.

Sixteen Minutes 2009-04-20
Monique Wasted enters the Guinness Book of Records. So does Paul McCartney.

Spectrial Resolutions 2009-04-17
When things get into a focus so intense they almost become a blur.

Stop Stealing Our Music! 2009-04-11
The IFPI in Sweden 29 years ago: attacking the music cassette.

Antipiracy Bureau Guilty of Data Intrusion 2009-04-10
Infiltrators, black money, secret tactics - a typical workday for the copyright industry. By André Rickardsson.

Cosa Antipiracy Bureau 2009-04-10
The mafiAA are more like the real mafia all the time. By Peter Sunde.

The Good News from Microsoft 2009-04-08
You can't make this stuff up. You really can't. Only Auntie Beeb gets away with it.

It's Time for Broadband ISPs to Put Their Foot Down 2009-04-03
Swedish ISPs save one are remarkably silent.

Miller-Naraine 2009-03-22
Can you see what's wrong with this picture?

Ten Wasted Years 2009-03-21
Or how greedos and politicians systematically dismantled a country's IT infrastructure. By Rick Falkvinge.

Culture Getting Loopy 2009-03-19
The cost of maintaining the current idea of copyright is permanent martial law with a private police force and a wet blanket over the Internet.

The Rubbish That's the BBC 2009-03-18
This is BBC 'journalism'?

Why Mac 2009-03-11
A visit from friends.

Henrik Pontén's Miscarriages of Justice 2009-03-09
Sometimes when you can't find the evidence you need you have to improvise.

Benito's IFPI Royalty System 2009-03-09
We've forgot how close we were to another world where musicians got all the compensation from radio transmissions and record companies had to continue to make do with profits on sales of the physical records. But an intervention by Italy changed things forever.

Someone Get the Popcorn 2009-03-06
The show begins now.

TPB: Reflections in the Interim 2009-03-04
And clearing up a few misunderstandings.

TPS: The Police State 2009-02-26
It's very literally up to you.

TPB: The Trial and Beyond 2009-02-21
Does the outcome really matter?

Don't Hold Your Breath 2009-02-15
Seventeen days from now you're going to get a whiff of something incredibly foul.

Winds of Change 2009-02-15
Something's happening to the 'old media'. By Rick Falkvinge.

Confucker 2009-02-10
You should have done the right thing ten years ago. You morons.

A Windows Carol 2008-12-24
Competition was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of its demise was signed by the IRS, the DOJ, NASDAQ, and the White House. Gates signed it. And Gates' name was good upon 'Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to. Competition was as dead as a Windows BSOD screen.

Are You a PC? 2008-12-18
An appealing sentiment.

Are You a PC? 2008-12-18
An appealing sentiment.

Apple's Rise and Fall 2008-12-17
When does it end? How does it end?

Fellating Bill Gates 2008-12-08
'Everything's set, everything's fine, you just gotta stand in line.'

Life Without Walls 2008-12-07
Here foot, object #1. Here mouth, object #2. Place object #1 in object #2.

The Ipred War 2008-12-04
'For Swedish citizens and citizens of the world: there's an easy way to resolve this conflict. Boycott the movie. Don't go see it. Don't download it off a file sharing site either. It's not the end of the world and right now Amazon has the book on sale - a mere £5.00 for hardcover and £4.79 for paperback. Get the hardcover. Splurge the extra £0.21 (~US$0.40). Then you can have a good copy that lasts. That you can read over and over again. And share with your friends. Without paying any more ever again. And without giving any money to Tomas Alfredson who already has a hundred times what you'll ever have.'

Clean It for Love 2008-12-01
'Turn off UAC and you have XP's security model. Not that it matters: you're still running as the *nix equivalent of root by default. Everything is fair game.'

Clean It for $1000 2008-11-19
Do the math.

Unable to Clean 2008-11-19
So what happens if you stop? PC warriors of the world unite.

(When) Will Apple Jump the Shark? 2008-10-15
The need for innovation's never been greater.

It's Not Over 2008-09-19
Steve Jobs gets a lot of things right. He also gets a lot of things half right. Some things he even gets completely wrong.

FY09 Strategic Update 2008-09-15
'Our opportunities to change the world have never been greater.'

Google's Little Shop of Horrors 2008-09-05
'Feed me! Feeeeed me!'

The Great Apple Hope 2008-09-01
Where is it?

Sucking on Media Players 2008-08-31
'Now you feel our pain.' 'I think I should talk with Jobs.'

Web Fraud 2.0 2008-08-28
On the Security Fix series.

;DECLARE @S CHAR(4000); 2008-08-22
There comes a time when people just get sick of the shit and pestilence that's Windows.

The Apple Quality Marketing Myth 2008-08-21
What was it 'just worked'?

Fighting Malware on Windows 2008-08-19
Why it doesn't work. Why it only costs you more money and heartbreak.

The Malware Ruse 2008-08-18
How effective is it? Who gets tricked?

The Microsoft Ghetto 2008-08-18
Aren't we afraid of cockroaches?

They Think It's OK 2008-08-17
Reflections on Wsnpoem and other typical Windows disasters.

Wsnpoem 2008-08-14
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Perspicacity of Worms 2008-07-23
'If you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.'

Toppling Governments 2008-07-04
Today it's almost inevitable.

Despised by Millions 2008-07-01
Missed by none.

Famous Last Words 2008-06-24
There's always been a good reason in retrospect.

Two Different Media Worlds 2008-06-23
Big Brother's a creep. But he pays well.

Lex Blair 2008-06-18
Everybody knows how things like this always turn out.

The Ultimate Cluestick 2008-06-15
Hit them with it. Sue their pants off.

Mi¢ro$oft Internet Explorer Users 2008-06-15
Four years - what progress?

They're Out to Get You, Peter! 2008-05-17
In situations like this the letter of the law means very little.

What Happened to Stepwise? 2008-05-10
Find it between the lines.

Kraken: The Second Story 2008-04-15
Find it between the lines.

The Partial Relativity of Bullshit 2008-04-12
There are four kinds of lies. Just ask the vast majority.

Apple File Systems II 2008-04-05
More to things than meets the 'i'?

Apple File Systems 2008-04-01
Totally their own.

Thank You for the Music 2008-03-14
By Björn Ulvaeus.

Microsoft: Fix Your Security 14 March 2008
Microsoft users: switch or get off the net.

So, Basically , E-E - It's Cool? 15 October 2007
This one stands on its own merits - or lack thereof.

SCO II: Steve Ballmer's Intellectual Property Interoperability Framework 15 October 2007
'So in July one Microsoft executive arrives; then as of October 1 there is the second - a patent guy. October 9 IP Innovation, a subsidiary, sue Red Hat. And Novell. So much for being Microsoft's little buddy.'

Mister Bill Gets Big 'Thank You' from Mother Russia 14 October 2007
Windows users have no clue what dupes they are. But the Russians do.

Greetings Tbilisi 4 October 2007
This is like a cartoon. A story in pictures. Just follow the pictures down for the punch line.

Evidense remover 18 September 2007
They just get dumber and dumber.

Cox Chased, Goes Down 18 June 2007
Global law enforcement agencies smash child abuse network.

V*STA Stinks 12 May 2007
Ubuntu is still on the rise; Apple are selling their Unix boxes at three times the rate of the Windows PC OEM industry; certainly these trends are significant of a sea change at last. And the irony (if you will) is that this sea change is the result not of a realisation that the platform is hopeless but that the platform is basically unusable.

'John Spinks' 28 February 2007
Poor Andy Churchill. If he could just keep his cool for the brief duration of a single mail message he might get away with it. But the super-scammer and super-spammer has never been able to keep a lid on things. Read on and enjoy.

The Ignorance of Joe (L)user 28 September 2006
Things are bad on the Windows platform. No, they're BAD. No, not BAD, they're BAD BAD. No, they're even worse. Alpha and Joshu cook it up, comparing notes from trips behind enemy lines.

BrowserShield 5 September 2006
They're at it again - and you're the loser. Big time.

The Second Half Life of Steve Jobs 3 August 2006
He's in a predicament.

The Myth of LUA 20 June 2006
Besieged - humiliated - as they have been for the past seven years by malware attacks, Microsoft have attempted to shore up the defences in their 'standalone' operating system Windows. Perhaps the most significant step they have taken is the implementation of LUA - the least privileged user account. This article will show why Microsoft's efforts are in vain and why Windows is hopeless.

Who Cares? 30 May 2006
Gee whiz I'm really sorry. Really. Now give me some more money.

Windows Defender 18 May 2006
Windows is like a house in a bad neighbourhood with one subtle difference.

With a Little Help from My Friends 15 May 2006
Common wisdom says you can't help an alcoholic; it should also say you shouldn't trust an alcoholic to help you.

Evidence-Eliminator??!?? 9 May 2006
All the research has already been done. All you have to do now is read.

The Long Wait 7 May 2006
Thanks to Microsoft, IT budgets are down, resources remain. What better time to test alternatives?

Cupertino's One of Us 6 March 2006
You've come a long way, baby.

It's Dèjá Vu All Over Again 24 February 2006
Microsoft can't do it and Apple won't be able to do it either.

Oompa Loompa 19 February 2006
An unlucky 13th for Apple.

Support is Cool II 14 February 2006
Some people won't go away unless you chew raw garlic and use a wooden spike.

Re: Spyware warriors call for action 10 February 2006
A direct challenge to the BBC technology news team.

Windows OneCare Live 8 February 2006
Microsoft's new security product goes on sale in June.

Unplug the Internet 21 January 2006
And turn off the lights.

Coopertrue 14 January 2006
Ignorance is strength.

Writing on the Wall 12 January 2006
It's indelible.

Could It Be Any More DEPressing? 31 December 2005
Yes it could - you could be one of those miserable slobs still running Windows.

MS ActiveArmageddon® 31 December 2005
An expected Happy New Year greeting from Microsoft.

Ran Out 14 December 2005
We have his true lies as incontrovertible evidence.

Support is Cool 11 December 2005
And customers are great.

What a Shame 11 December 2005
There's more than decorating the tree.

Long Live the Registry 26 November 2005
The Registry will be with Windows users for the foreseeable future.

Clean Machines 15 November 2005
'We don't use our computer much. It's not infected.'

Windows Requires Work Which Hinders Use 28 September 2005
Someone looking for an unusually portable portable gets advice from a family member. This someone already switched to Apple but seems to not have got the punch line yet. Here it comes.

F.C.U.K. 5 September 2005
Fraud control in the UK.

Fraud Detection and Prevention 1 September 2005
Don't let the wrong merchant unlock your store.

How Windows is @#$%ing You 20 August 2005
Ever since you've been on the net it's been @#$%ing you. Vista won't change a thing.

The Vista Screenshots 19 August 2005
Most likely you'll find nothing.

Rants Come, Rants Go 28 July 2005
Some things stay the same.

Bringing clarity to your world 28 July 2005
Microsoft will save you - again - from Microsoft.

London 10 July 2005
They made one very bad mistake.

The Unsung Villains 7 July 2005
Scott Adams could have a field day.

The 2% Kingdom 1 July 2005
He could have but he didn't.

Eight Years, Three Months, Four Weeks, One Day 20 May 2005
Eight years, three months, four weeks, one day: that's how long it took the dweebs in Cupertino to fully ruin what was once a straightforward, elegant, and eminently secure operating system. It was expected.

Microsoft Windows 98 System Builder Preinstallation User's Guide 1 May 2005
The time has never been better to get into the PC business. Whether you want to create your own PC or your own operating system, Microsoft are willing to work with you. And you needn't be worried by delays either. Just read this generous OEM contract and see for yourself.

Vapori$e M$ 24 April 2005
They're going to try to distract you.

MS ActiveVapor Revisited 19 April 2005
Applications do not an operating system make.

It's All Legal 11 March 2005
They got a court order.

Five Minute Job 8 March 2005
'We stand behind our software.'

You cannot log on to Windows XP after you remove Wsaupdater.exe 8 March 2005
After you remove Wsaupdater.exe from BlazeFind by using Ad-Aware 6 Build 181 and reference file 01R314 02.06.2004 or 01R320 19.06.2004, you cannot log on to Microsoft Windows XP.

Uncle Eunice 8 March 2005
Uncle Eunice was still out there almost faster than anyone, and today when the world in general cries out for Unix, you'd wonder why Eunice doesn't give the folks what they want.

That Scum Sucker Bill Gates 4 March 2005
This rant is not approved by RIAC.

Look at all my powerful friends 2 March 2005
10 Downing Street did not know of the impending honorary knighthood of Bill Gates. 10 Downing Street is currently in a lot of trouble.

The Big Brothers 21 February 2005
There's two of them.

Windows Workshop 19 February 2005
Answers to common questions on keeping your system in trim.

Bill Sucks 17 February 2005
Resistance to Internet Explorer has often felt futile, but system admin Nathan Lineback never gave up. His anti-IE (and anti-MS) website, online for over seven years, is the number one ranked today, and Nathan finally feels victory within his grasp.

Larry 14 February 2005
Some things are too good to not be true.

What's Wrong With SP2 14 February 2005
'Advanced Security Technologies' - who's kidding who? Microsoft have the worst track record on security in the industry - in fact they're the only company with a consistently bad reputation in the area. How is it they fail, time and again, at what the others never have issues with?

The Rise and Fall of Windows 3 January 2005
Windows isn't an operating system. It has no design. It has no security. There are over 100,000 Windows viruses in the wild. There are none for either Linux or Apple's OS X - none. But both those latter systems are real operating systems; Windows is layer after layer of ad hoc code slapped onto existing products. It has no overall philosophy or design, and in today's world that means everything.

Shoulders of Giants 18 December 2004
'They took isolated desktop systems and put them on the net.'

MSN Search 14 December 2004
Microsoft have released their reply to Google Desktop and Apple's coming Spotlight. As always with Microsoft, you get both more and less than you bargain for.

Firefox 10 December 2004
A safer world.

Of ThinkPads & Trojans 3 December 2004
Equipped with the XPT and a rocket science knowledge of how Windows works, you can - in theory - survive. But lacking in either you don't stand a chance.

The Emperor's New Clothes 25 November 2004
'But he has nothing on at all!'

Degeneration 25 November 2004
It's not about freedom of speech - it's about who we are.

The Half-Life of Gates 24 November 2004
It's up to you - no one else but you.

No Flaw 23 November 2004
They know best!

$200 23 November 2004
Send him to jail.

Oh I Would Never Want To Be 19 November 2004
With all due (dis)respect to Microsoft Chief Executive Office Steve Ballmer.

Against TCPA 17 November 2004
It's a good thing Bill Gates is a nihilist.

Living With Google 16 November 2004
Feeling lucky? Well, are ya punk?

It's About Time 6 November 2004
The road to Cupertino is long and winding.

iBook 31 October 2004
This is an iBook. It's an Apple low end laptop. It sells for $999. It requires no additional software to run and run securely on the Internet.

Data Trails 29 October 2004
Shocking news that won't shock you.

Too Many Fish In The Sea 1 October 2004
Scott Grannemann says a Windows PC gets hit within 20 minutes; Symantec says a Windows PC gets hit every 10 - 15 seconds. How bad is it really?

They Ain't Got It 15 September 2004
Have Microsoft in fact, after all these years, finally got it?

Fatal Flaws I 15 September 2004
There's a lot of collective breath-holding going on right now, and it isn't just amongst Windows users.

Gates' War on Terrorism 31 August 2004
Things are slowly becoming clear. Maybe.

WinFS Is Dead - Long Live WinFS 28 August 2004
Microsoft have announced the demise of their WinFS file system - again. Is it really gone?

At Last! 23 August 2004
Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2 is all you wanted and more.

User Beware 23 August 2004
'Microsoft's track record in making fixes that work is less than stellar.'

Think About It 20 August 2004
It takes only twenty minutes for a Windows box to get smashed but it takes ten years to get someone to do something about it.

A Matter of Trust 20 August 2004
A bug is a bug - and it's not going away by defining matching design goals. By Jürgen Schmidt of heise Security.

The Myth of Market Share 12 August 2004
Linux and Unix variants such as BSD do not have the track record of Microsoft. Users of these systems rarely worry about attacks, and they have no reason to do so either.

The Pot Is Black 12 August 2004
Bill Gates is hated because he deserves hate. Microsoft are hated because they deserve hate.

B2EAB 10 August 2004
It all starts now.

High Hopes 8 August 2004
The fanfare is for Windows XP Service Pack 2, originally promised a year ago and now due out shortly.

Service Pack 3 31 July 2004
What can we expect Chief Software Architect Bill Gates and company to do?

Celebrating Mozilla 30 July 2004
Jim Rapoza takes Mozilla fans down memory lane.

OIS 23 July 2004
The Organisation for Internet Security are running into trouble before most people have even heard about them - but maybe that's the problem: no one was supposed to.

The Long Run 19 July 2004
Bill Gates and Paul Allen stole an estimated $40,000 in computer time from Harvard.

Berbew: The Aftermath 26 June 2004
The zero-day hole is the holy grail of hackerdom: it is a vulnerability so secret that no one else knows about it.

MS Titanic 26 June 2004
The night was crystal clear; there was no moon and the sky was filled with stars.

Longhorn - New Screenshots 26 June 2004
The screen shots of Windows Longhorn at the Thurrott SuckerSite are hopelessly out of date. Radsoft have acquired new screen shots which accurately depict the current state of development. Enjoy.

False Positives 14 June 2004
The Internet Drivers Licence Exam programme was a lark, and a good idea, but a small handful of morons can spoil it for everyone - that's the one thing they're good at. It's no fun once the lobotomised get into the picture.

Pusher Man 20 April 2004
In a very real sense Bill Gates is a purveyor of contraband.

Open Letter 20 April 2004
'As the majority of hobbyists must be aware, most of you steal your software.'

Conventional Wisdom 19 April 2004
Unix and Linux are the future.

Freedom to Innovate 10 April 2004
The open source movement have never been threatened with a court order limiting their freedom to innovate. And yet open source development, almost by definition, will eternally be anything but innovation.

PC Bug Doctor 28 February 2004
Someone sent in a great piece of spam. Here it is.

Anatomy of a Snippet 17 February 2004
It took but two days for someone to find a vulnerability in the Microsoft code.

The Leak 14 February 2004
It's official: the source code to Windows NT4 and Windows 2000 has leaked, and it appears to have come from Microsoft partner Mainsoft.

Graduation Day 12 February 2004
Neither Bill Gates nor Microsoft ever showed any sign of business ethics or morals, and what's worse, they never demonstrated any pride in their craft. They only want to be top dog, and more: they want to be the only dog allowed to urinate on the fire hydrant.

The Time Has Come 10 February 2004
The other day saw the release of KDE 3.2. KDE is the 'K Desktop Environment' for Linux.

Clicks 9 February 2004
Hey YOU - Windoze user - stop a moment. Read this.

Dear Customer 26 January 2004
The processing of your purchase request was unsuccessful.

Marby 14 January 2004
Written to the Inquirer. One of the few unmistakably genuine literary (and logical) landmarks of our time.

Been Hurt By E-E? 9 January 2004
Have you been hurt by Evidence-Eliminator and Robin Hood Software? Now you have your chance.

Team, 9 January 2004
'If you have any questions or comments please contact the appropriate leaders listed below.'

The Weakest Link II 26 December 2003
From all of us to all of them...

Mojo 12 November 2003
Aka 'Microsoft's New Security Mojo'. By Richard Forno.

The Bell Tolls 27 October 2003
Authorities recovered 200,000 child pornographic images from the computer hard drive of Dr Marc Watzman, despite his use of Evidence-Eliminator.

That's It 19 October 2003
Goodbye to Win32.

An Ethic of Excellence 19 September 2003
So MS Blast is in the news again - more correctly, Dog of Bride of Son of MS Blast is in the news. Father-in-law had its fifteen minutes of fame the past weeks.

Two Towns 16 September 2003
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Teaching Math 15 September 2003
Education's come a long way.

Linux Isn't Free 14 September 2003
Linux isn't free. And about the only people getting riled up at such a statement are the ones who cost the rest of us so much.

Dry Stones 14 September 2003
This was the Summer of the Blaster, they're saying. Microsoft release a patch in May which crashes 600,000 computers, and by the time they are told about the RPC vulnerabilities, network administrators have had it.

Immovable Objects 14 September 2003
After watching worm after worm hail the Internet and the remaining Windows installations on campus, Dr Gerry got wind of more foul play.

Ganda 6 September 2003
The 'world' continues to be hit by Microsoft Outlook worms. Ganda recently in the Nordic countries, now Palyh and Petik. The method is the same - and they all work, which is absolutely amazing.

IRM 2 September 2003
There's a spectre of a new setback on the horizon, that of Microsoft's planned Information Rights Management (IRM).

Great Gates Quotes 31 August 2003
John Markoff interviewed Bill Gates for the Sunday New York Times 31 August 2003.

Of Worms and Men 29 August 2003
Some people will do anything for a second doctorate.

Hey Dave It's OK 29 August 2003
Even heroes make mistakes.

No Dots 25 August 2003
Protecting Mac users from Unix.

PvT 21 August 2003
Macs are screwy machines. Inside, that is. The software and systemware.

Blaster 15 August 2003
Were admins really this lazy, that they ignored Microsoft's admonitions? Not quite.

Polyglot 8 August 2003
Computer science is less than 100 years old.

With Us 7 January 2003

Introducing McAfee Spam® 7 January 2003
The AV and anti-spam vendors are getting desperate. Other products applicable to entire LANs are running them out of business. Solution? Spam the Internet to death.

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen 19 December 2002
Pour a drink...

Plus Park 16 December 2002
Nothing much ever happened in Plus Park - in either of them.

Popcorn & Peanuts 1 December 2002
You can't stop progress.

Registry Groaners 29 November 2002
Read to the end for information on how to win a prize.

Back to the Wall 23 November 2002
There is something wrong with a corporate politic if the boss mispronounces 'Jag-WIRE' and all the employees have to learn to say it wrong too.

Oh Brother 1 November 2002
It's all over - it's time to get out.

Call Your Bluff Week of Halloween 2002
Luck is his companion, gambling is his game.

Trouble in Madrid 24 October 2002
Let's help them make sure they don't get hurt again.

They make us look bad 21 October 2002
They've let such deplorable products out the door.

Eloi Warrior 15 October 2002
Natural inverse selection has its advantages.

Eloi Warrior 21 September 2002
The archetypal march of lambs to the slaughter.

For What It's Worth 19 September 2002
We're not the fringe, Bill Gates; we're the majority, and we're even more than that.

Watership Desktop 19 September 2002
No outsider can ever find the open source scene attractive.

This is a WinXP patch > I expect you would like it 7 September 2002
What's your preference - hex or text?

I Feel So Clean 6 September 2002
A horror show of ads all over the desktop...

Lenny Bruce 5 September 2002
Has the world got better since the death of Lenny Bruce? Think again.

Supporting XP 1 September 2002
Or supporting sheer blind ignorance and idiocy.

You must sign in to read or send mail 26 August 2002
You have to factor in stupidity's inseparable companion, arrogance.

No More Golden Arches 21 August 2002
There was a time...

Bailing Out 19 August 2002
What are you waiting for?

A Message from the CEO 9 August 2002
Thank you for your continued support and dedication.

The Train Toilets Parable 6 August 2002
In honour of Edsger Wybe Dijkstra 11 May 1930 - 6 August 2002.

GO TO Considered Harmful 6 August 2002
In honour of Edsger Wybe Dijkstra 11 May 1930 - 6 August 2002.

Big Is Ugly 29 July 2002
Dispelling a myth.

Life in a Nutshell 21 July 2002
There is always hope, no?

Do the Math 19 July 2002
How sorry was Bill Gates? Fifty cents tops.

As Simple As That 18 July 2002
Lose the fans and you lose the corporation.

Make Them Give It Back 10 July 2002
Kids caught stealing in school have to give back what they've stolen.

It's Been Done 4 July 2002
People who signed up back when there were less than 40 applications in the XPT, who have over the years been given nearly one hundred more tools free of charge, are suddenly penning poison letters when they are informed production will slow down and the projected 2002b release will now become a 2003 release in January of next year.

Lifeline 3 July 2002
About incompetence caused by greed.

Eyes Wide Shut 2 July 2002
It's not Dubya's butt what needs a colonscopy - it's the system of justice in the United States of America.

World Record 27 June 2002
66.14 kilobytes for a single-word message. They keep getting dumber.

OO Really Works 19 June 2002
Let those who claim OO cannot improve reuse forever hold their peace.

Installers & Uninstallers 19 June 2002
You know the drill.

Sleepy News Team 11 June 2002
'Thank you for your letter.'

Carter & Loopy Dan 5 June 2002
Chris Carter bludgeons and censors the over one hundred thousand pair Networks customers anyway he pleases and up to now has got away with it.

IONs in an Uproar 21 May 2002
Microsoft have issued a patch - a patch that, typically, does not work.

color:purple 9 May 2002
Thank you Microsoft. Thank you for polluting our email channels with junk so our ISPs have to raise their prices so we have to pay more all the time. Thank you very much.

Off the Coast 9 May 2002
Richard Stallman is more dangerous than the demagogues of the last century because he is too much of a fool to understand what he is doing.

They Just Keep on Comin' 5 May 2002
And if they're that dumb, we'll just keep hangin' 'em out to dry.

Windows is Dead 5 May 2002
Bill Gates could very well turn into a dime a dozen millionaire in the new few years.

What's Going on in Washington 3 May 2002
Most people know Microsoft is in Washington (DC). Most people know there has been a bit of a browser war.

The Dissenting Nine 3 May 2002
In honour of California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Utah, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Net IQ 30 April 2002
You had hopes for humanity?

Net IQ 2 30 April 2002
Sometimes the professional morons outdo the amateur morons.

Net IQ 30 April 2002
You had hopes for humanity?

Understand & Beware 25 April 2002
It's time for home PC users to reassess their use of personal firewalls.

Pushing the Envelope 24 April 2002
In the understatement of the year, Robert Lemos of CNET makes a wild guess as to why a worm as lame as Klez could spread at a rate greater than one tenth that of the legendary ILOVEYOU.

My Mandrake Cocoon 24 April 2002
Dr Gerry watches the latest onslaught of MS ActiveIntelligence®.

Mundie's Dream 22 April 2002
'The dream is that you could actually get a patch propagation rate that's faster than a virus propagation rate.'

News Flash I 21 April 2002
'I can't leave my kids to a world of Ctrl-Alt-Delete and MSN.'

Negative Rhetoric 21 April 2002
Journalists everywhere will warn of the dire consequences of negative rhetoric, but few will opt for it if the only alternative is to lie.

Incredible Mail 21 April 2002
Email has finally evolved!

We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 19 April 2002
Press statements, leaked memos and rumours - that's all there is to Microsoft's supposed security initiative.

PLEASE READ THIS 16 April 2002
'I want you and you alone to see this letter, Mr Microsoft.'

The Bad Bad Programmer 15 April 2002
Any programmer using the word 'PASCAL' should be shot. Any programmer caught looking at Delphi or Visual Basic or MFC or ActiveX or any of that prissy junk should be shot.

Slash Dot NET? 11 April 2002
Getting hard up for pocket change, CmdrTaco?

Pay to Play 10 April 2002
Some miracles don't stand a chance.

The Narrowing of Broadband 2 April 2002
The party's almost over.

Encouraging News 27 March 2002
Big Brother's pooped?

Happy Anniversary 26 March 2002
May marks the two year anniversary of ILOVEYOU.

Genius At Work 26 March 2002
Great progress comes in small, small steps.

Hackers Are Like Ants 26 March 2002
Poor Mr Misra. He reported to an ISP that one of their DSL customers had Nimda.

In the News 23 March 2002
Maid2Help and Casper reach pre-production; X-mail beta going out this weekend; LaBrea servers shut down.

Wanna Get High? 23 March 2002
ARPAnet has a new location - the trailer park.

Patch Number 45,803 Volume III 15 March 2002
Are you on the Internet or are you in your garage?

SWANT 15 March 2002
Switch to Linux now so you can laugh at these clowns when they finally fall on their faces.

Grossly Offensive 7 March 2002
Somebody is being attacked.

Poor Andy Ride 3 March 2002
Times are tough in Sherwood.

The New Threat 3 March 2002
It's a bit of Big Brother and a lot of Big Money.

Microsoft Want to Ditch HTTP 27 February 2002
'After the holocaust it will be the only protocol left standing.'

640K is Not Enough? 26 February 2002
Comments on PC history as rewritten by Bill Gates.

Deadcat 18 February 2002
Beware: stupid and arrogant are on the rise again. Even amongst felines.

Cash for Silence 12 February 2002
Bill's had a great week. So has everyone else.

At Least It Wasn't 10 December 8 February 2002
Laggers make their mark by crowning a crook.

Anatomy of a Dag-Tag* 6 February 2002
Something get stuck to your email?

Scattered to the Winds 6 February 2002
The jury won't be out long on this one.

Scattered to the Winds 6 February 2002
'And once in a month of Sundays they will drag them out and boot them up and look at the garish 16-colour icons and remember not so much what Bill Gates did to them but who they were at that moment in time.'

Third Party OS X Software - Comments 4 February 2002
'Obviously this guy is not a programmer.'

The Perl SpamStopper Stopper 4 February 2002
The blind idiocy of the RAILhead 'designer' is coming more and more to light, only hours after the discussion was opened.

S3 The SpamStopper Stopper 4 February 2002
From 960KB to 4.5KB (sic).

Third Party OS X Software 4 February 2002
They're very happy at their end.

The Return of Dorkbutt B Dimwit 3 February 2002
Some people don't listen to Clint.

A Software Carol 3 February 2002
All products mentioned on this page are the sole property of Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond Washington.

Time travelers PLEASE HELP!!!!!! 24 January 2002
'I need as close to temporal reversion as possible, as safely as possible. To be able to rewind the hands of time in such a way that the universe of now will cease to exist. I know that there are some very powerful people out there with alien or government equipment capable of doing just that.'

Watership Down 24 January 2002
Even if this pipe dream were to become real, even if Billg and his company could win back the minds of their customers, they would still have to win back their hearts - and that is an impossible task.

WarGames 15 January 2002
A bunch of six year olds winging it over asphalt and a bunch of idiots lining up behind their fearless coward - it's basically the same thing.

I Can't Wait to Show Her 2 January 2002
'Mommy why are all the cars going in the other direction?'

Oh My 15 January 2002
'I believe I've just stumbled onto something very bad.'

I Can't Wait to Show Her 2 January 2002
'Mommy why are all the cars going in the other direction?'

They Forgot Us 15 December 2001
Dmitry Sklyarov has been released. After five months of harassment, confinement and jail. He's free to return to Russia.

Ignorance is Big Business 10 December 2001
Several major online journalists have been sitting on the story of the month - perhaps the year - and doing nothing about it. No one wants this one out in the open.

Get a Great Reaction 6 December 2001
'Certain Microsoft® product(s) included with this computer may use technological measures for copy protection. IN SUCH EVENT, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE PRODUCT IF YOU DO NOT FULLY COMPLY WITH THE PRODUCT ACTIVATION PROCEDURES.'

Tired of Waiting 5 December 2001
The greatest delusion has been that Harry Homeowner thought the box was safe. It never is and never will be.

Saying 'No' 4 December 2001
Admirable intentions - or just shrewd patronisation?

Brave New World 19 November 2001
Or 'A Fairy Tale for the New Millennium'.

Hi, it's me again 14 November 2001
'Mr Microsoft, you've got a lot of nerve. You're one of the most dishonest people in business today and you've been found guilty so many times of not just stealing copies of an operating system, but of stealing the operating systems themselves - and then trying to make money off what you don't even legally own.'

Anthology MS: Greatest Hits 2 November 2001
Relive all those romantic moments from your youth. Remember when you were growing up, sitting (or lying) in the back seat of your car and the news of yet another Microsoft vulnerability came on the radio? Remember how your date reacted? Relive those moments now! Call within the next ten minutes and get all the new Windows XP vulnerabilities at no extra charge! ACT NOW!

For all his $G 1 November 2001
There is no doubt that they could do it - but they choose consciously not to do it.

MonkeyDraw Week of Halloween 2001
Wasting RAM for no good reason.

COI 25 October 2001
Once you have that it's all cosmetics.

Culpability 25 October 2001
One more ante-up.

Dear Mr. Microsoft 21 October 2001
'My advice to you is to either get your act together and produce a simple yet elegant and singularly stable operating system - or to go back to your MBASIC and leave us alone.'

Microsoft is not to blame 15 October 2001
In a court of law, no matter the nation, pleading ignorance is of no help and perjury only worsens things.

Tasteless 1 October 2001
This graphic was used recently in a Microsoft UK advertisement. It has since been pulled, but it goes to show how tasteless the Beasts working for Redmond can be.

Catch Up Patch Up 25 September 2001
'If you want to make the stone wet you have to spit on it many times.'

Subscribe 21 September 2001
The following email message was sent on this day to radsoft.net. The content of the email message is ONE WORD - 'subscribe'. You will find it in red below. Note now what an exceptionally clueless user has done to that ONE WORD: the payload is a staggering 11,638 (eleven thousand six hundred thirty eight) bytes. For a message which needed ONE WORD.

Boycott Outlook 18 September 2001
There's a new worm/virus - guess who it hits.

Taking a Moment 12 September 2001
Grunts are who got hurt most yesterday. Military attack or not, it was ordinary people who suffered.

Leaving Las Vegas 3 September 2001
Internet shilling is big business.

It Takes Only One 2 September 2001
'What a sick little man...'

Life is Good, Life is Grand 1 September 2001
'My top concern is for Dmitry, his future and that of his young family.'

PCs for Kids & UCITA 21 August 2001
UCITA is the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act - the software consumer's ultimate nightmare.

Summertime Blues 20 August 2001
'Well I'm gonna raise a fuss and I'm gonna raise a holler.'

Sloppy is Sloppy 19 August 2001
'I honestly don't think MS programmers are idiots.'

CraX0r & Xtr33m 14 August 2001
'The U.S. Congress is telling me what I can or cannot say in my own country.'

TruthTest 14 August 2001
From 'Software Hard Sell - Are computer viruses running rampant, or is John McAfee's antivirus campaign running amok?' by Joshua Quittner, Newsday 5 April 1992 p. 68.

I Must Admit 10 August 2001
It turns out that McAfee is a bit of a carpetbagger, surfacing in San Francisco in the late 1980's to - believe it - sell 'I AM HIV-FREE' badges to gays for $22 a pop ($7 semi-annual renewal rate) and put them in a special database he held where they could look for clean people to have sex with. This was 1986. Less than two years later McAfee was suddenly calling himself a computer virus expert with no prior background in the business at all. So there you have it.

Le Docteur Rieux 9 August 2001
La peste réveillerait ses rats et les enverrait mourir dans une cité heureuse.

Reichard 8 August 2001
Only internet.com can fix things.

Cooper 6 August 2001
John McAfee ain't got nuthin' on this guy.

Blather 3 August 2001
Here it comes again - the blather. Microsoft is rolling out a new product. The parrots have been given crackers and are very willing to talk. Watch out for these guys.

Code-a-Reddon! 31 July 2001
It's here! The worm the whole world has feared! Run for cover! Code Red is coming! If you run an IIS web server, turn off your machine and burn it - do it now!

We the CERT/CC 29 July 2001
We the CERT/CC, along with other organizations listed below are jointly publishing this alert about a serious threat to the Internet.

UCITA at the ABA 28 July 2001
The Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA) is a proposed US state contract law designed to standardize the licensing of software and all other forms of digital information. UCITA is a complex law that will adversely affect individual consumers, businesses, industries, libraries, schools and universities - anyone using software or any kind of digital information - ultimately all over the globe.

Get Off The Road Net 27 July 2001
Serious Internet surfers are up in arms against the wanton irresponsibility of Microsoft and users of its software.

Microsoft Windows (all versions) II 27 July 2001
CERT Advisory CA-2001-23 Continued Threat of the 'Code Red' Worm copyright 2001 Carnegie Mellon University.

Badges 26 July 2001
'Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges!'

Microsoft Windows (all versions) 25 July 2001
CERT Advisory CA-2001-22 W32/Sircam Malicious Code copyright 2001 Carnegie Mellon University.

The Weakest Link 24 July 2001
Time has come to draw a line - a subtle line, but a line nonetheless. It is this: anyone using Microsoft software in connection with the Internet simply cannot be taken seriously. By Dennis E Powell. Originally published at Linux Planet. Used by permission.

SirCam 23 July 2001
SirCam would not have a chance of spreading if Billg's company did not make the sweeping assumption that all home computer users are idiots like Billg's own developers.

Unmasking Steve Gibson 14 July 2001
For some time now Radsoft have had access to physical evidence of Steve Gibson's (lack of) Internet security expertise.

Why Assembly Language Is BAAAD 9 July 2001
Gather round in a circle and we'll all learn together.

Zero Administration 3 July 2001
Zero Administration has been the biggest threat to Internet security from day one. Zero Administration is of course a Microsoft Idea®. The gist of Zero Administration is that anyone with zero brains will be able to administer a Microsoft network.

The Big Lie 29 June 2001
By Eric Raymond.

It Don't Mean a Thing 28 June 2001
Microsoft's Nasdaq star rose, others fell, but the CADC ruling doesn't really change a thing.

OPM 19 June 2001
As far as blunders go, this is as bad as it gets. And with track records like this, it's no wonder e-commerce loses billions.

Full Circle 16 June 2001
The PC is still a big thing, but it is no longer tied to Microsoft.

SAVE $$$ NOW! 15 June 2001
Feel better now?

Has Steve Gibson Finally Lost His Mind? 14 June 2001
Gibson's best strategy at this point might be to wear bullet-proof shoes.

Matt & Lenny 14 June 2001
If the connected world is to have a future, the devices we use to connect must be secure.

Steve Gibson Author of Absolutely Nothing 28 May 2001
When you see how long he's been around on the net and the sum of his product output, it makes you wonder exactly what he's been doing all this time - other than creating a lot of noise and flashy web pages.

sadmind 9 May 2001
CERT® Advisory CA-2001-11.

Two Ways 16 April 2001
People are not as dumb as you think.

Hailßtorm 15 April 2001
Is this why he stepped down as CEO of Microsoft and made himself Chief Software Architect?

The Funnel 19 March 2001
This is really happening.

Words Cannot 8 March 2001
Your credit card information might be among the property already stolen.

Line in the Sand 26 February 2001
Microsoft continue to expect software consumers to shell out money for products that are often inferior to their free counterparts.

To Bug Or Not To Bug 2 25 February 2001
Is bug-free programming possible?

Gerry's Dream 19 February 2001
It is bad to fall asleep while eating Taco Bell nacho platters.

Whose File Is It Anyway? 7 February 2001
The day is rapidly approaching when the 'user file' is a thing of the past.

The Software Conspiracy 2 February 2001
Detroit keep laying people off; Microsoft keep hiring on more.

Screwdrivers & Degrees 1 February 2001
Of screwdrivers and degrees, GUIs and wizards, advisories and alerts.

Gremlins! 26 January 2001
The real story behind the recent outage at microsoft.com told here for the very first time.

Ahem 24 January 2001
First it was the BellSouth backbone; now it's Microsoft's own domains. The victory march continues.

We're All There 1 January 2001
The scene is an editorial office for a computer magazine in the UK in the mid eighties. A product reviewer sits at his desk and sips his afternoon tea. Two gorillas approach, their presence and mannerisms at once intimidating and frightening, and this by intention.

The Myth of Freeware 1 October 2000
See how long it takes for them to shut up.

The Smaller the Better 29 September 2000
Published simultaneously by the Bloatbusters™.

It's Called Snake Oil Y'all 19 September 2000
Shop around, read the news groups, and keep on top of how Big Brother is honing his techniques for getting at you.

And Always They March On 23 August 2000
Let's all drive down to Red's Nightcrawlers & Computers and pick up that brand new Pentium XIX with the 400TB disk and just enough room to install Windows 2001.

Walking on Water 21 August 2000
A letter from a dear friend caught behind enemy lines.

MEL 1 August 2000
Real Programmers write in FORTRAN.

57/26/17 23 July 2000
A curious thing happened with the release of Windows 95: color happened.

/opt:noWin98 Bastille Week 2000
When you can't deliver product, at least you can make it look like you did.

Elephant Memory 2 July 2000
Elephants supposedly have great memories. It's hard to tell. You have to get to know them a long time before they let you inside.

It Ain't All Microsoft's Fault 28 June 2000
Tired of Microsoft's monopolistic power? Think again. Without the bungling of their competitors, Microsoft might never have enjoyed such a market at all.

][ 25 June 2000
Once upon a time there was a guy with the same name.

Stop Chasing the Rainmakers 24 June 2000
The one single reason so many people use these pseudo operating systems is that they were on the machines in the first place.

He's Lost His Appeal 14 June 2000
For all of Billg's chances, it doesn't really matter anymore.

Microsoft Takes to Spamming 12 June 2000
Thank you for your continued custom.

Bloat Dissections II Follow Up 8 June 2000
You need mental laziness and pure ignorance in addition to 'who cares'.

Bloat Dissections II 8 June 2000
Edited from the RISKS article published simultaneously.

The Freedom to Somnambulate 28 May 2000
What people don't seem to grab in this so-called 'browser war' that TP is on the verge of putting an end to is that the victims are not just AOL newbies or Internet Explorer casualties: the ISVs have been hit, and hit hard.

Twisted Karma 7 May 2000
All the bystanders can say at a moment like this is that they hope the hammer falls hard in Washington.

Time to Punish the Kids 6 May 2000
There is nothing extraordinary in either the Melissa exploit or the ILOVEYOU exploit.

The ILOVEYOU worm was begging to happen. The world at large was on its knees for it.

Elements of Great Programming 24 March 2000
A series of aphorisms, anecdotes, and general stuff which hopefully will be helpful.

Why Trash Windows 98? 21 March 2000
Nearly every computer comes equipped with Windows 98 these days - why trash it?

Do Computers Dream of DCA Attacks? 16 March 2000
The interest in reliable defense mechanisms has grown at an alarming rate.

To Bug or Not to Bug 11 March 2000
Whether any of the 63,000+ bugs come out and bite you is hardly the issue.

Fishy 8 March 2000
You be the judge.

A Craftsman Is Only 6 March 2000
And MCPs are not craftsmen.

Die Götter Unsere Zeit 30 February 2000
They're not just patty flappers.

A Happy Leap Year Special 29 February 2000
A follow-on to 'Why Windows Exploder Stinks'.

Why Windows Exploder Stinks 28 February 2000
A tribute to a landmark in computer science.

The Millennium Bug Revisited 23 February 2000
First published in the RISKS Digest.

Intel Inside and Bill Gates 21 February 2000
When Intel Inside and Bill Gates became household names, democracy and median IQ went out the window.

Why We Don't Upgrade to Win2K 16 February 2000
Let's face it: Microsoft's products can be very cool. But sometimes it's best to wait a bit. Here's why we're in doubt.

InstallShield 14 February 2000
InstallShield is now giving courses in InstallShield and they have the tacit approval of Microsoft to do it.

The Millennium Bug 16 October 1999
First published in the RISKS Digest.

Re: Bloatware Debate RISKS-20.35 2 May 1999
First published in the RISKS Digest.

Re: The Bloatware Debate 30 April 1999
First published in the RISKS Digest.

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