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Red Hat Diaries

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Syd's solitary pleasure. Using a brand new box bought expressly for the event and having driven into the RTP and up to Red Hat world headquarters and plopping a wad of cold hard USA CA$H down on the counter, she will walk away with several big red boxes of the current Red Hat Linux and other nice stuff. And while Rick sets up the box Syd will take notes, recording his every move, his every mistake, his every curseword, his every moment of despair and joy. From Red Hat Rick and Syd plan to proceed to Mandrake and finally Debian where they plan to make their home.

How much Unix does Rick know anyway? Will he succeed in getting a submission to the Linux kernel accepted by year's end? Or will he get down on his hands and knees and beg Windows XP and Bill Gates for mercy? You're about to find out. Admit it - the suspense is killing you.

Welcome to the Red Hat Diaries.

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