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By now you've heard of - Unix? Of FreeBSD, Yellow Dog, OS X, Aqua, Tiger, Leopard?

They can hardly have escaped you. And what better way to keep abreast of what is happening than becoming a regular at Rixstep? It's a lot cheaper than buying a fleet of Macs to find out on your own.

The Rixstep portal monitors the progress of what's easily the best GUI desktop ever - the wandering NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP project currently residing in Cupertino as Apple's new 'Leopard' operating system OS X - as well as concentrating on the underlying technology - the Cocoa/NeXTSTEP API fuelled by the extremely attractive Objective-C language.

Rixstep has Apple/Cocoa resources: articles, blogs, reviews, developer and user tips, the AppleCore Project ACP, free downloads, cutting software reviews, the free Xnews newsletter, and more. And the Rixstep site is not limited to Apple specifics but covers the gamut of all computing with a special focus on Unix.

So click the link now, bookmark it, and visit often.


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