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ILOVEYOU2, PC Matic! 2022-07-16
Do like the cabbie.

Apple's Phony Consumer Protection 2020-10-11
Users wide open to privacy attacks.

CryptoLocker's Cruel Joke 2013-11-02
But will the Windows eejits get it?

Schneier's Guide to Evading the NSA 2013-10-08
But don't run Windows yourself.

Microsoft Give Encrypted User Data to NSA 2013-07-11
Don't wait for your margin call.

Microsoft to 3rd Party: 'Fix Your Bugs!' 2013-07-10
'Kettle to pot! Kettle to pot! Come in, please!'

PRISM: Privacy for Dummies 2013-06-19
Another 'Grandma Alert' from Radsoft.

Grandma Alert: Internet Explorer 2012-10-17
They spread things. They're contagious. They harm you. They feed on Microsoft products.

Whistleblower Warning: Expressen 2012-09-03
Whistleblowers beware.

Honan Hack and Apple Naïvety 2012-08-09
'Am I getting through yet?' By AlphaMack.

From Redmond with Love 2012-07-25
You can't claim you weren't warned.

Microsoft Windows Security is an Afterthought 2012-07-17
And security afterthoughts have never worked.

Yahoo! SQL Injections! Don't Expose Passwords! 2012-07-12
Somebody needs to pay for this.

The Northrop Grumman Transformational Fire Scout Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System 2012-07-02
Ever hear of it?

Apple's Achilles Heel 2012-04-08
The current Flashback botnet is symptomatic.

Microsoft's Rustock Reward Doesn't Spin 2011-07-25
Redmond propaganda provides no protection from the truth.

DoubleClick to a Whole New Level 2011-04-05
They not only track you - they know exactly who you are. And they tell all their friends.

#TwitterFail on Personal Security 2011-01-06
No safer than Facebook?

Cryptome Hack 2010-10-05
Kryogeniks strikes again!?

Newzglobe on IE9 2010-10-05
Only two possible explanations.

Damn Those Nasty SCR Files! 2010-09-10
There's a natural assumption amongst Windows users that their problems are the world's problems.

Secure the Internet? 2010-09-07
Mack Diesel levels off against TPTB.

Dell Shipping Malware-Infected Mobos 2010-07-21
The ramifications are staggering.

An OS Behaving Badly 2010-07-20
A guide between the lines of the US-CERT Stuxnet advisory.

Siemens 2010-07-20
Epic fail x 2.

Insidious USB Attack Hits All Versions of Windows 2010-07-18
No extraordinary user action required. Bypasses 'autorun'.

Lucid Lynx the iPhone Data Miner 2010-05-29
Apple iPhone data security nonexistent with latest Ubuntu iteration.

Tabnabbing 2010-05-26
A new type of exploit.

What Happened to Facebook? 2010-05-05
And what happens to Facebook users? Do they care? Nah!

Safe Browsing for googlecontent.com 2010-04-12
Teh Googles hosting malware, infecting Windows sites? Nasty.

Monoprice 2010-03-18
They're back up! Ahem.

Re: eBanking Victim? Take a Number. 2010-03-16
And help yourself to a clue.

The iSEC Aurora Report 2010-03-01
Tough news for Windows networks.

Get a Live CD 2010-02-24
Secure your banking now.

On Kneber 2010-02-19
Security 101 for the clueless.

Shock: Another Zeus Hack! 2010-02-17
Big lolz again @ KoS.

Locked Into IE6? 2010-02-06

Protecting Your Windows File System 2010-02-02
Do like Microsoft.

Symantec on the China Attack 2010-02-01
Whose idea was it?

Your Weakest Link 2010-01-25
Fill in the blank yourself.

Microsoft VDM Bug Affects All Versions of Windows 2010-01-20
Affects all versions including Windows 7. When it rains, it pours. Especially in the Seattle area.

猎鸭 (Duck Shoot) 2010-01-16
Windows lusers are the ducks. You can be the hunter. Quack quack, bang bang.

The Internet Should Be a Quiet Place 2010-01-15
Time for neighbourhood watch?

Seven Months and Counting 2010-01-14
There's no hurry - there never is with Apple.

Google.cn 2010-01-14
Three dozen US corporations infiltrated by Chinese government hackers. But how?

Zuckerberg Doesn't Want Privacy 2010-01-12
Only for himself.

Buried Warning Signs 2010-01-07
Online banking is too profitable.

Windows 7 Remote Crash 2009-11-12
'No BSOD, you gotta pull the plug.' There went the SDL farm.

Shatterblast From the Past: A Windows Achilles Heel 2009-11-05
A matter of national security?

Secure Computing with Windows 2009-10-20
It's getting to the point where it's no fun anymore.

Can't Take a Punch 2009-06-01
Microsoft Windows has a glass jaw.

Berkeley Hacked 2009-05-09
160,000 medical records plundered over a six month period.

Uninstalling Microsoft 2009-04-29
What happened to 'thank you please call again'?

MSFTValue 2009-03-29
Some people just don't know when to give up.

Microsoft: The Truth and the Consequences 2009-03-26
As bad as it gets.

MS ActiveCluebat™ 2009-02-09
Back and forth but nothing changes and nothing ever will and you know it.

USAJOBS 2009-01-28
Talk about repeat offenders.

Sheffield: Full Monty Returns 2009-01-21
Do not repeat do not take your hat off in Sheffield.

Modding the MoD 2009-01-16
Things are coming along. Aren't they?

SOTOS 2009 2009-01-01
Those of you running IBM mainframes at home can breathe easy. Not too many scary things in the crystal ball for you. Likewise for those of you running Apache web servers. You're mostly in the clear. For everyone else there's more to consider.

A Groovy Kind of Hack 2008-11-11
Why do they persist?

Android Antivirus and You 2008-11-09
You don't need it.

Congenital Google Idiots 2008-11-03
Screwing those who deserve to be screwed because they're so congenitally stupid.

Taking a Peek in the Bulk Mail Folder 2008-10-30
You'll never be safe on Windows. Get over it, cut your losses, and move on. You're only about ten years behind the rest of the world. And it's never too late.

Testa Datorn 2008-10-29
Good advice from the Swedish government?

Login Help 2008-10-02
An oldie but goodie.

Apple Software Update 2008-09-19
Kettle, meet pot.

Premier Election Solutions 2008-09-17
The black art of never admitting culpability or incompetence.

user_EA49943X_activities.zip 2008-09-17
There's no practical defence.

Back to Fargo 2008-07-29
What happens with your confidential data once it enters the US courts system?

The Art of Port Scanning
A thorough yet easy to follow explanation by Fyodor.

Buffer Exploits
How and why they work.

DIY Internet Anonymity
A well-researched and very thorough article by Thomas C Greene. Be sure to read through to the end, as there's good stuff all the way. In particular, note what Thomas says about how you reinstall your operating system - and how you don't.

Great Hacks of Our Time
Find out what 2600 has to do with your breakfast cereal. Read about an early Matthew Broderick movie. Excellent timeline by Mark Ward.

Hack Resource Centre
Everything from the articles to the tools. Welcome to Black Hat Country.

How To Write Buffer Overflows
Mudge's paper from 1995.

Security Checklist
A quick run through of procedures for securing your machine. This list can of course grow as further risks are discovered. Note: This is very basic stuff.

Security Is
Now that the blissful have been hit by disaster again, it's time to get serious.

Smart Computing
Teaching adept and newbie alike how to take control.

It's the ultimate affront, the ultimate insult. It's also fairly legible writing on the wall.

What To Do (To Be Secure)
Windows is and will always be an insecure standalone system. It is not suitable for Internet use. If you're running Windows, get offline or get Unix before the attackers get you.

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