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Congenital Google Idiots

Screwing those who deserve to be screwed because they're so congenitally stupid.

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Gmail has got to be the ultimate solution for the congenital idiot. It doesn't matter if you're a smart congenital idiot or a typically stupid congenital idiot - Gmail is for you.

It completely gives up the hope of ever organising anything and says 'well dude if you want to find something in this trash heap of an account we can help!'

Yeah right. Exactly how do you remember what you have? Think Zero Effect. Think how you have to be able to get clues to actually find things.

Think 'zero inbox'. Gmail is the opposite. Everything is a blithering mess. What's unfortunate is this mess appeals to so many people. Congenital idiots. Of both the smart and stupid congenital idiot varieties.

Gmail is a webmail system written both by and for congenital idiots. Google have perhaps more PhDs right now than any hi-tech company on the planet - and they're all congenital idiots.

For two years Google had a security alert mailing address - that led to a filter that destroyed all incoming mail. Cool move.

These Google congenital idiots don't care about security. Nothing in their corporate background hints at even a sophormoronic understanding of security. All they care about is producing new cool groovy gadgets people can use. And today they're a big money machine. Eric Schmidt taught them how to do that. Security? Fuck security! This is big business and we're all billionaires!

So another congenital Google idiot got hit again. Gee what a surprise. The same old hack what hit congenital Google idiot David Airey a year ago. Nothing has changed. Google haven't fixed their code. Why should they?

Basically what happens is hackers lure congenital Google idiots to rogue sites where a swift bit of code breaks into the congenital Google idiot's account settings and diverts incoming mail to an external address. Then the hackers write to the domain registrars (such as notorious GoDaddy) and ask for a transfer of domain ownership. Is the domain locked? Does it matter? The owner of the domain is asking for the change, right?


And so congenital Google idiots are out of their domains.

What was it David Airey's friends told him after the fact? Gmail is OK for congenitally Google-idiotic things but definitely not for crucial important things. Did he learn his lesson? Yes - but he learned it way too late, he could have learned earlier if he hadn't been swept up in the Google hysteria like every other congenital Google idiot on the planet.

Did anyone else learn from David Airey's indiscretion? One would hope so - but evidently some stupid people are more stupid than others.

A full year down the line and the same type of Gmail hack is still out there, screwing those who deserve to be screwed because they're so congenitally stupid.

There's Fully Frank who's also been screwed by his own stupidity and who describes himself as follows.

My name is Frank am I am a finance/mathematic students working in the modelisation field (aka I win way too much for doing way too little). I am desesperately bored at my job and even most of my university classes (Collective Insurance: A socio-historical approach and Retirement Plans: Evil or Good) bore me to death. Some say I am not in the right field. I don't know. I am 19 years old and my ultimate dream is to become a writer. Lots of people have told me I would never make it...


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