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Some people just don't know when to give up.

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Microsoft (MSFT) have a new ad campaign underway. It promises to be about as exciting and as successful as their Seinfeld bomb. And all the other bombs.

Things are just no better than what Bill Gates predicted in his book over ten years ago: things were going to change and he and his company would be left out in the cold.


It takes time for people to change but suddenly it's everywhere. And suddenly people just don't buy all that MS ActiveBullshit™ anymore.

This latest campaign is all about how cheap it is to buy a Windows laptop - compared of course with industry leader Apple.

Take a look.

What can you afford after having sold the farm for an Apple computer? A rock? Some rubber bands? Puzzle pieces? Dirt? A bottle cap? A cotton swab? A twig? A thumbtack? A pen cap? A shoelace? A book of matches? A mint? A balloon? Packing peanuts? Pocket lint? A paper clip?

Poor you.

Now what can you afford after wasting your money on a piece of trash Windows laptop? A photo scanner? Who makes paper pictures anymore today? A pair of Supras? Why is Bill Gates always trying to be cool but failing at it? A Zune? Hello? A ZUNE?

You can't afford a Zune. There's no point in telling everyone you don't want it - YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT.

  • Norton 360 Two Year Subscription $114.99
  • Norton Internet Security 2009 + Norton Utilities Two Year Subscription $104.99
  • Norton AntiVirus 2009 Two Year Subscription $74.99
  • Four full system scrubs by Geek Squad because Norton is shit $1000

You can't afford it.

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