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Newzglobe on IE9

Only two possible explanations.

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They're not a well known site. They're most famous right now for outing Anna Ardin. But creating a scoop is not the same thing as having a clue about IT.

Did someone from Microsoft Sweden have a friend at Newzglobe? And they decided to test this tripe? Readers spend half their time dodging the illiterate hype and the other half trying to make grammatical sense out of it.

They've rewritten history there, folks - competely sidestepped the DOJ trial and all that went into it. The way Microsoft pressured ISPs to not let users get their hands on Netscape, the way Bill Gates double-crossed Spyglass to get their code for free, the way Microsoft dumped millions of free copies of IE in stores all over the place. Free copies. But it gets better. Here's the final part.

We learn some fantastic things.

  • 'The Internet Explorer 9 is an advanced version of Chrome.' Schmidt's gonna throw chairs.
  • 'The compatibility of Internet Explorer is with Windows 9.' This is actually good news as it implies Microsoft have already admitted the futility of releasing Windows 8.
  • IE9 won't come on your face. Yes true. 'Also, the pop ups are designed to come up in a way that do not disturb your work by coming on your face instead are popped up at the bottom.' This will be a great relief for IE users who have been annoyed with such behaviour in the past.
  • 'It keeps in view simple use and minimal use of sound effects.' This could be great news if anyone could figure out what the F it's supposed to mean.
  • ''The proprietors of Web destinations such as Amazon and eBay are also featured with it.' Amazon and eBay are very thrilled about this, be so sure.
  • 'Microsoft has coded it to enhance the performance.' An industry first. Nobody's ever tried this before.
  • 'The Internet Explorer is also supporting HTML5 for the first time.' Sure enough. The only remaining question is what type of innovation this is classified as. Is this a true Microsoft de novo innovation or is it the ordinary kind where they steal something from someone else and then claim it as their own? Actually in this case it's neither, as HTML5 is one of those 'open standards' Microsoft love to hate.
  • 'The speed with which it improved made it a no-looking-back situation for everybody who used the Navigator.' No comment needed.

'Internet Explorer took the sole competition by full force...' Huh? 'The speed with which it improved made it a no-looking-back situation for everybody who used the Navigator.' Huh? 'The Internet Explorer team since its creation ruled over the entire browser market...' Huh? The Internet Explorer 9 is an advanced version of Chrome. HUH?
 - 'Magnus'

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