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The Northrop Grumman Transformational Fire Scout Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System

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REDMOND (Radsoft) — The Northrop Grumman Transformational Fire Scout Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system - ever hear of it? asks Jack Wallen.

It's a US Navy drone, otherwise known as the MQ-8B Fire Scout. Why is it significant? Because recently the Navy decided to drop the Windows operating system that was running in favour of Linux. And just why did they drop the previous operating system?

A virus.

That's right - previously a virus had infected the operating system on the USAF's drone control system.

What with all the obscenity of an Imperial Order issued by HRH Barack Obama so he can today murder anyone he wants on a whim, one would think things have gone far enough. But combine this obscenity with the utter stupidity of running a Microsoft operating system - running a Microsoft product on anything - then you raise the bar on US government collective stupidity.

And it's time to get down on your knees again and pray for the planet. Those people are literally out of their minds.

'A virus - on the system controlling drones. Think about it. Imagine the consequences of a drone or fighter plane suffering from a computer virus - while armed!'

Thanks but no thanks, Jack. Of course we're talking US government here - the type that left 4,000 unprotected Microsoft Windows PCs inside the Pentagon so Gary McKinnon and half of all hackerdom in the galaxy could walk in and party all night.

Jack's Rant

'When I read this, I was shocked', writes Jack Wallen. 'First and foremost, I couldn't believe such planes were controlled by anything powered with any flavour of the Windows operating system - not when the US Navy have enough intelligence and resources to even create their own OS.'

To be sure - and the US military have had their own 'secure' Linux for years. But never underestimate the power of Steve Ballmer's marketing orcs.

There is a bit of a silver lining here however. Jack again.

'Think about it. The DOD decided that open source is a more secure and reliable route than proprietary systems. That trickle down is going to have a serious, lasting effect in the world of Linux.'

But it's not proprietary systems per se, Jack. Although most proprietary (closed source) system do ultimately suck.

This particular case is about Microsoft alone - the Redmond-based virus-infected corporation that would prefer to continue to propagate a dangerous operating system on humanity than bite the bullet and risk losing market share.

'Windows is a good desktop operating system - but one with many, serious security flaws', says the cowering Wallen, ever fretful a misguided adjective might prompt a call from Ballmer that puts him out of work (as it has so many others).

Windows does indeed have many flaws - starting with the basic design. Windows can't be fixed. And people should risk losing their jobs for recommending it.

Jack again.

'And although Microsoft are doing their best to tighten it all down, it's simply and fundamentally insecure.'

Good one, Jack. But Microsoft are doing more than that. They're also engaging in obscene PR campaigns to dispel the suspicion that something is wrong, and they are deeply involved in subversive product rollouts designed to make shops forever dependent on their shoddy technology, so that no matter how loud the security gurus scream, management will hold onto their dependency on Microsoft for dear life.

And that's in no one's best interests. Particularly when it comes to weapons of mass destruction controlled by the 'tap tap tap' of an emperor out of control.

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