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What Is Good Software?

Good software will not impair your system performance. Good software will give you what you wanted and no more, no less.

Good software will invariably be a fast download. Check the times for Keir Software (http://keir.net): Most of these apps download in a matter of seconds.

Third rule of thumb is: Good software does not need an install program.

Good software will run 'as is' from any directory you like. Again, check Keir Software or the offerings from Systems Internals (even the radsoft.net 'install' is not an install: It's simply a self-extracting compressed file followed by a batch program).

Good software will not write to your Registry unnecessarily, nor will it access your proprietary system areas - your 'personal property'.

Good software will not need to be 'uninstalled' either - you can simply delete it. And if anything else be left on your disk or in your Registry, the software documentation will tell you where and how to remove it.

Good software will make your puter purr - perhaps even more so than before.

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