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Cheap Frills: A Walk Through Windows 7 2011-01-27
Not what one expects.

Software Review: SuperRam 6 2010-01-25
Don't even think about it.

Lifehacker Redefining 'Tiny' 2009-05-15
When the cat's away the lusers go stupid.

PCs Don't Only Run Windows 2009-04-11
Two subtle issues.

Tunerec Not Ready for Prime Time 2009-01-14
A good idea that might go bad.

The NeXT Generation of Application Icons 2008-11-04
From placeholder to work of art.

The Alfred E Neuman of File Managers 2008-10-06
One thing is clear.

Securing Corporate Data 2008-07-09
Tailoring E3 technology to specific needs.

The Explorer Replacements™ 2008-03-24
You thought it was bad enough with the Notepad Replacements™?

Where's Steve McQueen when we need him?

A good browser is essential to a life on the net. A good email client is almost more essential.

Again, you need a good defragger to keep your disk running smoothly. The ones that ship with Windows aren't generally that good. We've got our favorite, and here's how we use it.

radsoft.net's product line has about a zillion editors, and mostly it's these editors we use, but we've tried most of the well known editors out there, and we do have a favorite.

Contrary to popular belief, ZoneAlarm is not the only firewall.

Some of the sites, software, and software authors out there that we really like.

The good, the bad - and the very ugly.

Web Servers in Education
People are supposed to be smartest where there's education, so what web server OS do the smart people run? Following is a list of forty leading institutions of higher learning world-wide, their URLs, and their web servers as reported by Spike7.

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