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PCs Don't Only Run Windows

Two subtle issues.

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Most people laughed off the latest 'Bogusky' ad campaign for Microsoft as they should. Radsoft concentrated on the one unswerving fact that no matter the arguments the grievous deficiency of a standalone system like Windows when connected to the Internet outweighs everything else.

Windows. Will. Never. Be. Safe.

End of story.

But a closer look at what Microsoft/Bogusky are doing reveals further enlightening facts.


The ads only highlight HP boxes. Is this a coincidence? Why are none of the other 'PC' brands highlighted? People whisper 'secret deal'. They intimate Microsoft and Bogusky have a deal with Hewlett-Packard and perhaps Hewlett-Packard are footing the bill for these ads.


PCs don't only run Windows. Windows is referred to in the closing frames but otherwise there's no mention of the operating system itself. The ads instead concentrate exclusively on the price of computer hardware.

But there's nothing saying a 'PC' has to run Windows. Microsoft/Bogusky are comparing apples and lemons again. Apple sell complete 'dongled' systems: you get computer hardware and a Unix-based operating system. Together. You can't realistically get one without the other.

Microsoft/Bogusky aren't touting the mythical virtues of the world's wobbliest operating system - they're promoting Hewlett-Packard. And they're hoping to sell you on the idea of using Windows by virtue of the fact most 'PCs' come with Windows pre-installed.

But they don't have to come pre-installed with anything. They don't have to run Windows.

  • Anyone can visit the Ubuntu website and order a free copy of Ubuntu - shipping included. Absolutely no cost. Users can test Ubuntu without installing - simply boot from the CD and take the system for a ride. No install necessary.

    If you like Ubuntu well enough (and it's blazes better than Windows) you can set it up on your hard drive and even keep your current Windows setup as well for safety's sake.

    It's a win-win situation.

  • Don't get an HP - get a Dell. Yes a Dell, dude. Why? Because Dell will preinstall Ubuntu for you. They'll get it all set up and ready for you before shipping and save you all the time and trouble of doing it yourself.

Under certain circumstances you'll still be forced to pay the Microsoft tax - a fee levied by Microsoft on PC manufacturers that functions essentially as a penalty if their customers - gasp - want something other than Windows.

But you'll still be a lot safer than you would be with Windows. With Windows you will never be safe.

And if Microsoft were so worried about you and your financial situation in the current crisis then they could help out by abolishing their 'Microsoft tax'. But they're not and they won't.

Get what you want. Get an Apple or a mainstream PC. Just don't run Windows on it.

You'll never look back. At this time next year you'll laugh out loud at what you were going through a year earlier.

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