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Bloat is not an oversight or a mistake. It's not something that gets corrected with the next version of the product you bought. Bloat's a state of mind that's permeated the commercial software industry to its roots.

Bloat means more than just megabytes too big: it means downright shoddy, sloppy work; it means not caring a hoot what happens.

Bloat is akin to the medieval surgeon just stuffing his gloves, hanky, and what have you into the stomach of the patient he's just operated on, because - 'why not'.

What PC users don't normally understand is that bloat is a condition of their software and hardly anyone else's. And knowing that, there are only two things you can do: completely ignore it or put your foot down and fight back.

Tough decision.

Bloatbusters™ Hall of Bloat
We're the Bloatbusters™ - we bust apps that suck. And here they are.

Self-explanatory - hopefully.

A Journey Through RISKS
A day in the realm of Jamie Zawinski and the world can never be the same.

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