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Software Reviews

The good, the bad - and the very ugly.

The Age of Spamware

We've entered a new era on the net: the era of spamware. Thought you'd seen everything? Not likely. Bona fide ISVs are now taking to spam to ply their trade.

The Blacklist

The following corporations are known to use TerminateProcess and TerminateThread in their software.

The EE Documents

We've seen them come and go - in our mailboxes, in the news groups and private discussion forums, and on those garish websites which normally last only a few days before being closed down by outraged IPPs. But Evidence Eliminator is a step apart.

The Opera Mafia

We've known about these people before, but this latest exchange really takes the cake. Many people regard Opera as a nice browser, but what they don't know is that the people behind the product are a real piece of work.


It could be great and it should be great, but arrogance and stubbornness on the part of the authors will keep it from ever getting there.

A Software Manifesto for the New Millennium

Bad software hurts everyone. It hurts the customer but it also hurts the industry. At the very least, it makes the lives of purposeful conscientious software engineers just a little bit more empty and meaningless.


Rainmaker Redux

If ever there has been software where 'utility' begins with the letter 'F'...

Spotlight: File Scanners

It's a programming exercise as old as the hills, but the variance in its implementation can be dramatic.

There Goes The Neighborhood

The adolescent ambition of the richest man in the world to devour something so much bigger than himself has people both wretching and laughing. Whatever. The Internet is BIG. And it's been around before William H. Goebbels 3 and it will doubtlessly be around long after his demise (The Guardian has already claimed MSFT has peaked on the NYSE). And it's a much more interesting crowd. Take a look.

Where's the Tiny?

Miles Wolbe seems to be sitting strategically atop his mountain in the middle of the Pacific, keeping an eye on Windows software, but initial appearances deceive - he's just another fool on the hill.

Uncle John's Rules for Downloading and Running Junkware

Every time you install and run software on your system that turns out to be junk, things get just a little bit worse - a little bit 'junkier'. If you don't carefully control each product you try, your system will be trashed and beyond repair in a very short time. Follow these guidelines and save yourself some major misery.


Read up on the major webmail services.

ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0

Tom Liston's startling discovery.

  Part One: The Good

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