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Merlin's Message

Michael Tiernan at Exotic Ambrosia of Eureka California - 'Merlin' to his enemies - flooded the Internet on and around 24 October 2000 with the exact same message pasted into news post after news post, email after email. Herewith the exact text, the original, the one and only. As can be seen, Merlin's EE affiliate ID is A1564.

Note: Tiernan's account at PacBell was closed because of his Usenet spamming, the PacBell administrator making an apology at Usenet for Tiernan's behavior and declaring war on Usenet spam.

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From: 'Merlin' <merlin@exoticambrosia.com>
Organization: SBC Internet Services
X-Complaints-To: abuse@pacbell.net
X-Newsreader: News Rover 6.0.1 (http://www.NewsRover.com)
X-Trace: news.pacbell.net 972410028
Xref: newsfeed.onecall.net comp.dcom.cell-relay:2311

Evidence Eliminator

 When you access the Internet, your computer keeps permanent hidden records
 of your activity for months or years, including web sites visited,
 documents, pictures, videos and sounds. This is a serious threat to the
 legitimate surfer's privacy. Evidence Eliminator is a solution to this
 problem. It analyzes and protects your whole hard drive and defeats all
 known Forensic Analysis Software.To download, Go Here

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