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Scream II

Getting out of the EE site can be an ordeal. Two popups are waiting for you when you do. The first starts immediately you leave or attempt to close down your browser; the second pops up when you try to dismiss the first.

Following is the contents of page 2. All grammatical and spelling errors are left intact for the sake of authenticity.

Note the veiled threat in the highlighted text in the second paragraph.

Urgent - Read This Now!

The Risks you are about to take:

Just some reasons why you need protection right now from the dangers of the Internet. Remember - the Internet can put hidden evidence in your PC without you even knowing about it!

Pelican Bay State Prison (USA)

'....putting a prisoner in a cell with a known assaulter and setting up alleged sex offenders for attack are not uncommon....'

Cocoran Prison (California USA)

'....Dillard, who weighed 120 pounds, fought back but Robertson was too powerful. He said he pounded on the cell door, banged at it in a way that the guards surely must have heard, but nobody ever came as he was raped....'

The View From Behind Prison Bars (USA)

'....The guard in the tower decided to blow one of the inmates' heads off.... The suicides at San Quentin are amazing. I never knew doing time would subject me to watching guys do swan dives off the fifth tier. One guy ripped his jugular out with a can opener. How about the inmate who was shot to death while dangling from the fence? They left his body there for four hours.... we were forced to sleep in shifts to keep the cockroaches from crawling in our mouths....'

California Prisons (USA)

'....One man was shot at point blank range with the 37mm. anti-riot gun.... Beating after full restraint was reported. The body slam is used as punishment. A body slam is a procedure in which a prisoner who is restrained with hands cuffed behind the back is thrown against a wall or thrown down on the ground unable to protect himself from the fall directly on his face. Prisoners report being dragged on the floor after cuffed in chains..... Prolonged housing in strip cells.... prisoner on prisoner rape....'

Prisoner torture (USA)

'....video tape of the abuse, which included guards forcing dozens of prisoners to crawl naked along prison floors while guards kicked and beat them, zapped their backsides and genitals with stun guns, and had guard dogs bite prisoners....'

Watch This: Click Here to watch a movie from APBNews.com of violent prisoner abuse in the USA.

(You must have Real Player installed in your system tray to view. To start it manually, open the RealPlayer program and enter into the location bar http://www.evidence-eliminator.com/apb.rm )

Stop Prisoner Rape (USA)

'....Stop Prisoner Rape is committed to combating the rape of male and female prisoners and to helping survivors of jailhouse rape....'

Prison and jail conditions (USA)

'.... US prisons and jails are living in appalling conditions and are subjected to physical and sexual abuse by guards.... restraint chairs and electroshock weapons....'

Torture and abuse of prisoners (USA)

'....More than 1.7 million people are in prisons or jails in the USA.... abuse of inmates.... dangerous and inhuman conditions.... physical and sexual violence.... chemical sprays and electro-shock devices....'

Corcoran Prison (California USA)

'....The guards who did this a lot.... would attack prisoners without warning. Prisoners fully shackled-handcuffs chained to their waist-chains, legs hobbled with chains around their ankles-would come in on buses and be met by guards, often wearing black gloves, truncheons in hand, face-shields in place, badges covered (so that they could not be identified by name), who would beat them unmercifully.... they brutalized them. They broke the ribs of five of them, banged their heads into the walls, shaved their heads, and humiliated, taunted, harassed, and physically tortured them..... the tower would gun them down with dumdum bullets from a high powered 9 mm. rifle....'

Prisons in the United States

'....Guards are armed with 'nut-guns', wide-bore guns that fire wildly caroming, acorn-sized 'nuts' at prisoners from close range.....'One guy lost his eye, and since I arrived here three years ago, an acorn took off a guy's nose and plastered it to his cheek'.... The prisoner's hands are cuffed behind his back; his ankles are cuffed; and he is forced to lie face-down on an Army-type cot, his head turned to the side. A second cot is then tightly strapped upside-down over the prisoner and the ends are strapped shut, totally enclosing and immobilizing him..... guards brutally beat prisoners, sometimes while they were in shackles....'

Red Onion State Prison (USA)

'....shot at, shocked with electronic stun devices, beaten.... officer fired shots because inmates didn't go to their rooms fast enough to suit the officer.... handcuff and shackle these inmates.... threw them in the floor face first and beat, kicked and shocked these inmates with stun guns.... inmates had to wear 50,000-volt stun belts...'

Prison Rape (USA)

'....counting gang rapes as a single incident, this give at least 7,150 sexual victimizations a day in jails.... I was knocked unconscious, I came to while being annually penetrated.... In the shower room, they had me on all fours, front and back.... a bunch of guys followed his example. They pissed on me, or pissed into my mouth-had me open up my mouth and then just pissed down my throat.... Over a 1 year period, he was repeatedly gang raped.... he was gang raped by 15 prisoners in the shower.... he was HIV+, infected with the AIDS virus....'

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  • OK, I am going to do the sensible and right thing. Get Me Protected!
  • No, I don't want protection. I am ready to risk going to prison for a long time.

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