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EE Links

There are over 13,500 links on the net to Evidence Eliminator; this article covers only the top 150.


By Dick Archer. Basically a positive review of EE which starts by mentioning the hard-sell tactics and then goes on to describe a bit of what the program actually does. Although this review reveals the extent to which Microsoft stores data you probably knew nothing about, it is totally incorrect in its description of current accepted data shredding techniques. The DoD method of data shredding is NOT all zeroes followed by all ones followed by random data. Such a method would make your disk a sitting duck for any spook that wanted to investigate. If this is all Evidence Eliminator can do, it's no better than any of the other 'sham' products out there today.


This is a sales commission link. Mikko's Shareware claims to give you a 10% discount, but what the link is really there for is to put $20 in Mikko's pocket. The 'review' is a straight lift from the hype found on the EE site.


This review from 20 June 2000 has been removed. Previously it used original text to describe what the product's application domain is and what the product does. There was no attempt to test the product. Curiously, it states that EE costs only $39.95!

The Google cache of the review can be found here.


A review of the EE affiliate (reseller) program at 2-Tier. EE makes it easy for anyone to get in on the act, and would seem to have a good customer response time too. 2-Tier states that EE taps into a market largely unexploited as of November 2000 when the review was written. Site claims the commission is always 30% on 1-tier sales (minimum of $20). The EE affiliate page spells it out in a bit more detail:

per Single-User License, we pay $20.23 to You - per sale!
per 5-User Site License, we pay $41.83 to You - per sale!
per 50-User Site License, we pay $117.70 to You - per sale!
per 250-User Site License, we pay $242.98 to You - per sale!
per 1000-User Site License, we pay $453.04 to You - per sale!

The EE affiliate application page can be found at:


As most copy from the EE site, it makes for rather sensationalistic reading.


Straightforward review of what EE claims to do without any testing whatsoever. Contains a link to a 'review' planted by someone calling himself 'Justin' whose email address is given as webmaster@evidence-eliminator.com. Naturally Justin claims EE is 'simply the best'. (Note: There is a software review site known as 'Simply The Best' but this 'review' has no connection to it.)

Site contains a direct link to the EE trial download and does not send a affiliate ID.


From October 2000. Contains a link to an in-house download image (version 5.053). No affiliate ID used. Product is given 5 star rating and overwhelming praise. Site claims over 109,000 downloads to date.

The ZD direct download links for EE 5.053 are:



The UK copy of the above.


The Australian copy of the above.


Review claims to be a response to requests by members to review EE and starts by detailing exactly what the product claims to do (the list is long and impressive), but thereafter devolves into 'hard sell' and 'scare tactics'. Site is an EE affiliate and thus contains a affiliate ID link.


ZD reviews in Spanish.


Chinese review of EE (you need their character set to read it). Contains a link to an in-house download image (ftp://ftp1.mydown.com/home1/soft21/evelim.zip), version 5.051.


ZD review in German (site is in Switzerland). Links to the common ZD in-house download image (see above).


ZD reviews in Portuguese (sites are in Brazil). Both link to the common ZD in-house download image (see above).


ZD review in Japanese. Again, a link to the common ZD in-house download.


Another (English language) copy of the ZD review. Claims to be from April 2000. Link to common in-house download.



From Law Technology News. Review simply states what the product purports to accomplish, no testing. Contains no download links whatsoever.


Contains a link to the EE site and no more, not a word written, despite other products being described and reviewed on the same page. Curiously, although products are listed in alphabetical order, Robin Hood Software appears with a handful of others at the top - yet no affiliate ID is used.


Rocket Download's review by Nick Smith. Product given 'five smileys' rating. Download link is to own in-house image:


No affiliate ID.


The Dave Central review. Product description more than a review. Download link (http://www.davecentral.com/cgi-bin/download32.pl?13120) resolves to EE's own on-site download image (see above).


The Shareware Village in the UK. Technical explanation of how the affiliate program works. No links to EE, although the product and its affiliate program are mentioned.


Ray Garcia's WebTechGeek site (California). Review removed. Cache reveals review was written on 12 December 2000 and was a completely 'over the top' 'hard sell' campaign with 'scare tactics' copy and graphics culled from other sources (the same three graphics are almost always used, all over the net). Page contains numerous links with a affiliate ID and what's more, the link to the EE site, written out innocently as 'http://www.evidence-eliminator.com/', contained the affiliate ID as well (A2012).


Jim Martindale's Reference Desk at the Network and Academic Computing Services site of the University of California at Irvine. Contains a reference (no review) and a link to the EE site but no affiliate ID.


TUCOWS product description from October 2000. Product given 4 cows. No affiliate ID. Download links are to own on-site image (version 5.053):


A generic download URL selection page can be found at:



French site ('Newave Inc.'). Site attempts to disguise affiliate ID (A1190) by putting 'Evidence Eliminator' in the status window of your browser when you hover over the various download links.


UK site. Product description of version 5.052. Download link is to own on-site image at 5star.freeserve.com. No affiliate ID.


Product description. WebAttack contains not only the direct link to the trial download at the EE site but also a link with a affiliate ID.


Softseek's product description from 22 October 2000, and the only mention of EE that reveals EE is written in Visual Basic (and thus needs the lugubrious VB runtime files). SoftSeek claims the author of EE is a company known as 'Esoft'. The 'Select a Site' feature finds only one download URL world-wide - at the EE site. No affiliate ID.


Adult video site (Wayne Stafford, Kentucky) with total 'hard sell' of EE. All links to EE contain affiliate ID 1839; no direct download available. Site also contains information about the EE reseller program:


But even this page uses a affiliate ID (A1839) when linking to EE for more information about the program.


French site. Product description from September 1999. Download link to EE site. No affiliate ID.


UK site (Nice Touch AM, William Smith, Design Technology Ltd - Transcom ISP). Pro-marijuana site with references to privacy, security, 'Big Brother' et al. All links contain affiliate ID A1760.


Auckland NZ site (Gennera, Knab & Company, Yippee Limited). Product description and review. File deletion tested, file shredding not tested. Download link is to own image at ftp.yippee.net.


French version of ZD review (see above). Download is to own on-site image:



Austrian site (David Bayer). Brief product description bordering on scare tactics. Site claims to be the only place offering a discount and explicitly mentions affiliate ID A1445. Save for product name, the second URL is completely blank - not even a link.


Canadian site (Infinity Online Systems Inc). Product description from November 1999 (version 3.0). Download is to own onsite image:



Milwaukee porn site (WIS Entertainment, Brian Sparks, sysadmin at Rising Technologies Inc). Super hard sell. All links contain affiliate ID A653259. No direct download offered.


Finnish site. Contains an amazing number of screen shots, but all devolved into links with affiliate ID A653227. No direct download offered. Site contains a link to an article on privacy and security at the respect Helsinki daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (EE is not mentioned there).


UK site claiming to be 'The Best Free Stuff on the Web'. Brief hard sell with scare tactics ('You're in trouble - It's a Proven Fact!'). Same old graphics used everywhere. All links are to EE with affiliate ID A2094.


Dutch site with product description of version 5.051 by '0' claiming to be from October 2000, this despite the claim that the product costs only $29 and a mere 2.8MB to download (most downloads since the end of 1999 are in excess of 4MB). Download link leads to authentic URL at EE; no affiliate ID used.


Baltimore sites (Leo D Milner Jr) with own product (called 'Net Detective 2001' and 'Virtual Detective 2001' respectively) also containing super hard sell of EE quoting tragedies at Dow Chemical et al. Site goes to great lengths to prevent visitors from knowing where its links lead, disabling right mouse clicks etc. and issuing a Javascript popup on all attempts:

'This function is disabled! Your Privacy is at stake - Download Evidence Eliminator Today!'

Site even contains 'evidence eliminator' in its meta tags and product page puts the following in its caption bar:

'WARNING! Your deleted files have just been made PUBLIC!'

All links contain affiliate IDs A653309 and A653349 respectively.

Portal of first URL has been changed and references to EE removed; data is still available for this URL in the Google cache.


Well-known Utah site (Ngenuity, Inc). Product description of version 5.052. Links to authentic EE download URL (approx. 400 download clicks to date).


Ottawa site (AdHere, Adam Prentice) with nasty popups. Product description with wild innuendos - mentions EnCase but does not mention whether EE was tested against this product. Download link does not go to a download image but to:


Where no further download links will be available.


Spanish site (Intershare SL). Product description from February 2000 (version 4.5). Download is to own onsite URL:



Vanity domain (owner unknown) at Provo (Direct Connect) site hosted by Orem-based Freeservers.com with links to both EE and to 'free teen & Lolita porn'. Short hard sell scare tactics presentation. All links to EE contain affiliate ID 2064.

Obtaining a vanity domain at itgo.com is simple - merely register at the Freeservers website.


Offshore-registered Maryland site (Paradise Entertainment) with cleverly hidden affiliate ID A1442 used everywhere (Javascript used to disguise link in status window as innocent link to EE). This is hard sell scare tactics, presumably targeting the gay community. Even tooltip ALT tags are hard sell scare tactics, and leaving this site will automatically redirect you to the affiliate ID impregnated link at EE anyway. Note this site promotes EE through its portal and seems to serve no other purpose than as a reseller and promotion site for EE.


Note that this is NOT Alta Vista. Super hard sell, scare tactics. All links use affiliate ID A2094 - the same ID as http://www.kleeneze-network.co.uk uses above. Kleeneze was registered on 28 February 2000 to Neil Powell; Altavizta was registered on 3 March 2000 to Helen Powell.


Officially defunct site (closed October 2000) which still has reviews and links onboard. Claims to have referred over 800 visitors to the authentic EE download URL. No affiliate ID. Product description is from December 1999 (version 3.1) and again claims author is Esoft of the UK. Download file size given incorrectly as 2.6MB.


Russian (Mikhail A. Fadeev, Comptek Int, Moscow) SoftSeek mirror (see above). 'Select a Site' here reports broken link - in Russian. Links to EE site but does not use affiliate ID.


Vanity domain at Utah-based 20M.COM. Unabashed hard sell scare tactics campaign starting with 'WILL YOUR DOOR GET KICKED IN TOMORROW MORNING?' in big bold block yellow letters, then goes on to claim 'We aren't trying to frighten you'. Extensive use of affiliate ID A1802. Site has only had a few hundred visitors according to its displayed Be Seen counter.


Brazil TUCOWS mirror.


Site of Utah-based LawyerWare Corporation run by Texas-based Chad King. Product description only, making wide sweeping claims, states price as only $29 and download only 2.6MB, does not provide a download link and links only to EE site, yet does not use affiliate ID.


Calling itself 'Affiliates Products' and claiming the price of EE 5.0 is only $39.95, this site performs the perfunctory product description and uses affiliate ID A1110 in its links.


Strange vanity domain at Orem-based 8K.COM. Uses Javascript to disable right mouse clicks, hides affiliate ID A1763. Claims to have an article from 'a Los Angeles newspaper' delineating the threat of EnCase yet never names the newspaper, much less provide a direct link to the original article, only stating at the top of the page 'Excerpts from a recent article in a Los Angeles Newspaper'. Spikes the 'article' with bold scare tactics text. Hope page claims Heffernan Consultants are 'world class telecommunications consultants' planning and implementing broadband, satellite and wireless systems with, among other things, experience in international telecommunications project management, and having worked for the Czech Republic, Germany, Greenland (?), Guam, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, the Netherlands, Okinawa, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey (sic). According to the web counter, the site has had just over 1,000 visitors in the past year. The image below is from the Heffernan site, supposedly depicting its group of consultants.



Danish site supposedly reviewing security products but where most real estate goes to unabashed hard sell of EE. All links disguise affiliate ID A1265 even though a free trial download is promised.


Argentina site. Product description from August 2000 (version 5.052). Download link goes to authentic URL at EE site. No affiliate ID.


Indiana-based software archive with a somewhat original product description from September 2000, stating 'Evidence Eliminator employs the exact same sector analysis technology as available in ultra-high-priced tools available to law-enforcement agencies, for example the FBI.' Claims EE costs $39.95, the download is 4.59MB, and has referred over 800 visitors to the authentic download link at the EE site. No affiliate ID.


Gay site hard sell using affiliate ID A1364.


Raunchy fetish sex site with hard scare tactics sell of EE disguising use of affiliate ID A1470.


Australian (Leon Ho, Brisbane) software archive with minimal product description and direct link to authentic download at EE. No affiliate ID. Annoying popups when leaving the download area.


Standard software archive again claiming EE is written by Esoft. Download link to authentic URL at EE. No affiliate ID. Identical unsubstantiated claims that EE has been tested with recognized forensic analysis software. Product description is from August 2000 and price quoted as $39.00 (sic).


Supposedly serious security site presents both ZoneAlarm and EE (and even mentions GRC) but although ZA is covered in some detail, the link to info about EE is at the EE site and uses affiliate ID A1964.


Software archive. Uses extremely hard scare tactics sell of EE with affiliate ID A1135.


Copy of the R-Market Daily newsletter from 16 January 2001 with referral to EE using affiliate ID A653202.


An interesting exchange between EE and the Ellipse site author, where the latter battles against EE and openly questions its tactics. (admin@ellipse.to)


Porn site using affiliate ID A1931. Uses the text 'Be Aware Any Kiddie Porn You Accidentally Run Across On The Net Is Permanently Stored On Your Computer Evidence Eliminator Removes All Traces Of Any Unwanted Data. Check It Out Here Right Now'.


Dutch mirror of Top Downloads software archive with direct download linking to TUCOWS at:


No affiliate ID.


Evidence-Eliminator mirror. No affiliate ID, but no direct download either. Registrant reported as 'Mikel M Freije'. Leaving the site will result in two simultaneous popups:


And the first of the two 'total scare' pages at the EE site:


Closing the porn window will prove even more problematical - use Alt+F4 to close...


Phoenix-based 'Kim Komando Komputer Klinic' and home to The Kim Komando Radio Show. Product description has link to within EE site. Product description is from March 2000, quotes price of $29, lists authors as 'Esoft', and has link to within EE site. No affiliate ID. Kim Komando is a syndicated columnist for, among other publications, the New York Daily News, the Denver Post, the Los Angeles Times and the Arizona Republic. She is a computer editor at Popular Mechanics Magazine. She calls herself 'America's Digital GoddessŪ' (sic).


Sadism site with brief push for EE and affiliate ID A1355.

Homo site with small sell for EE and affiliate ID A1364 (would appear to be on every page - but who wants to look?).


Freaky Dutch porn site with EE on the portal. Uses affiliate ID A1748.


Peruvian news site with an article discussing privacy and security. EE is mentioned - and covered along with a screen shot - but no URL other than to the EE domain is given.


Russian language site with an article about EE entitled 'Evidence Eliminator: where would you be without them?' and submitted by reader Vaklov Vladimir. No URL other than to the EE domain is given.



Barcelona-based software archive with own onsite download URL (download.guiasoft.com). No affiliate ID, but various links lead into the EE domain. The authors may have been under the impression that the EE link they provided actually led to an authentic free trial download once upon a time. Sets itself apart by revealing as few other sites that EE require the VB runtimes.


Bulgarian vanity domain porn site ('emphasis on big tits') which is part of the Bulgarian SEXYNET.ORG porn network and which directly lies about its links to EE and claims 'Your Download is good for 30 days FREE!' Uses affiliate ID A653376 and extremely hard sell scare tactics. Automatically spawns porn ad site at upon entering.


Super raunchy porn site with hard sell of EE ('EVERY porn surfer needs this software!'). Uses affiliate ID A1779.


Hampshire UK site which automatically pops up affiliate page within EE domain along with own web page. Uses affiliate ID A653145 to recruit EE affiliates.


French site. Disguises its link to EE on its software resources page as 'http://www.evidence-eliminator.com/'. Actual link uses affiliate ID A1433.


Illinois-based site (Joliet). Unique in that it does not cater to kiddie porn lovers, but tries to scare (somewhat facetiously) by stating 'Maybe you're trying to hide those plans for that huge bank heist. Maybe you are trying to hide those notes you made about the 10 million you're hiding from the IRS. Or maybe you just don't want your boss to know you've been surfing the porn sites while on the job.' Links directly to the EE domain with no affiliate ID.


Maryland-based software archive (Click2Commerce Inc). Singles out EE as a 'top pick' and links to within EE domain but does not use affiliate ID.


California-based erotica site (Madeline Phillips). Uses affiliate ID A1411. Uses 'I am a friend' approach and claims in a supposed addendum to the article from October 2000 that EE is no longer available as a free trial download (which of course is nonsense).

Quotes three news sources about present dangers:





Canadian-based software archive which gives EE a four stars rating. Site links to within EE domain but does not use affiliate ID. Download goes to a Simtel URL:



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