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The Fine Print

A summary - and a reflection or two.

Don't even think about getting a refund.

If you somehow make it back to the SWREG site where the EE people and SWREG separated you from your money, you will find a very special link for EE refunds alone.

However this link leads nowhere - except back to the scare pages at the EE site again - and this time they throw in some Shockwave Flash for added effect.

There is no refund link anywhere for EE. There is not even the faintest whisper of a refund. And when the distributor who took your credit card number and expiry date only refers you back to them again... Think a bit: Why does the distributor have that link placed prominently at their site? Think a bit - just take a moment and think a bit.

EE claims to have defeated or be able to defeat forensic analysis software.

This does not mean that EE, even if this claim were true, would be capable of defeating ALL forensic analysis software.

And there's forensic analysis software and then there's forensic analysis software - the quality of the products varies - and finally there is always forensic analysis HARDWARE, and EE will definitely not defeat that.

If EE were truly capable of defeating forensic analysis, then we'd have heard by now what tools were used to test it. We'd have seen awesome statistics and colourful histograms and technical sidebars. But we've seen nothing, because there is nothing, because EE has in all likelihood never been tested in this fashion at all.

Without published test results, it's just more empty rhetoric, just another unsubstantiated claim.

Who You Are Defines What You Need.

If what you need is normal disk maintenance, you can do all you need to do - and all EE does for you - in about half an hour. For free. The list of functions EE performs is really not that long or impressive. And while it might require you to leave the world of lame users and enter the world of power users, the journey is neither difficult nor insurmountable, requiring only a modicum of ambition and determination: If you want to do it, you will. (And if you need any help doing it, you need only write to radsoft.net for advice.)

If you're a spook and need your disks cleaned properly so other spooks don't steal your secrets, you shouldn't be messing with amateur products like EE anyway - and you probably aren't. Your Spook Boss has probably told you to disintegrate your disk, and that would be the proper (and easiest) way to go about it.

The brunt of the EE marketing campaign is of course not directed at spooks. Spooks aren't worried about getting raped and murdered by Bubba; they're often professional killers themselves, and if Bubba ever runs into them, then it's Bubba who better watch out!

No, the EE push is towards the criminal element. And if you're in that category, then we don't want to help you anyway.

Fact One: Within reason, EE will do its job.
Fact Two: You don't need EE. You can do the entire schtick yourself if you just try.


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