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Charging Windmills

E-E tries to fabricate a fight with a Linux driver writer.

Eric Lee Green does not run PCs. Rarely at any rate. So Eric Lee Green is not interested in PC security matters. Eric Lee Green leads a comparatively calm life, so he is not apprehensive about US federal agents knocking down his door and asking to hoover his hard drives.

But Eric does visit Usenet on occasion, and he likes to read what's going on in the techie news groups. And when Evidence-Eliminator summoned their ringwraiths to spam Usenet, the techie news groups got hit. And when they got hit, people reacted. Eric himself wrote a quick few lines about the event, stating the obvious that spam was a heck of a way to sell a product.

I don't know who you are. I have never heard of you or your company. However, you are conducting yourself in a very unprofessional manner. Neither I nor my employer will ever buy a product from a company whose employees conduct themselves in such an unprofessional manner.

In particular, spamming this newsgroup with excessive and/or uninformative postings is NOT professional behavior, and should be avoided if you want anybody to consider your product in a serious manner.

You may also wish to have your 'web site team' (you?) revise your web site to contain:

  1. Contact information, including mailing address and EMAIL addresses for sales, support, and marketing departments (even if they all go to you!), and

  2. Get rid of all those animated GIFs, which are EXTREMELY unprofessional in nature. It has the same effect as use of the <blink> tag.

In short, if you wish to be considered seriously by security professionals, you must act like a professional.

Which was evidently enough for Andy Churchill of the Evidence-Eliminator marketing team, who yanked web materials from Eric's Bad Tux site and singled out Eric as the ringleader of a world-wide conspiracy to obfuscate the truth about wonderful Evidence-Eliminator.

This conspiracy now includes the following corporations, individuals, and institutions.

  • Wired News
  • Internet.com
  • Motorola Corporation
  • Carnegie-Mellon University
  • US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Paul Allen, co-founder Microsoft Corporation
  • US Department of Defense

Eric laughs and asks rhetorically why all these dark evil forces never swoop down on any of the other security products on the market, then waxes philosophical:

'Andy's losing his grip, and his operation is going to crash down on him. Sooner or later the authorities are going to catch up with the fraud he's committing, and he's the one who's going to pick up soap for Bubba. After the lawyers get through with him he'll be penniless too, while the affiliates laugh all the way to the bank.'

And of that there can be no doubt: The software product Evidence-Eliminator can harm your computer like few others, but the marketing wizards of Evidence-Eliminator use every dirty trick in the book, and are swimming in the cash given them by a lot of people desperate to get restitution.


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