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Is Andy Ride/Churchill finally tongue-tied?

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Haakon Ueland is Norwegian, a wannabe songwriter, and - in the right circles - a very well-known software critic. Haakon runs several sites devoted to finding quality in software, as well as for the past four years running the 'back page' on the glossy version of Mensa International's monthly journal.

Being a member of Mensa himself, it is not surprising that Haakon was not even for a fraction of an attosecond (one quintillionth - 10-18 - of a second) taken in by the E-E site. Au contraire: Haakon was taken aback, not taken in, and quickly found that anything or anyone mentioned on the silly 'desinfo' page was bound to be something or someone good, and that's how he ran into Radsoft.


My name is Haakon Rian Ueland. I write a column called SmartWare in the Mensa International Journal.

I came across your site when surfing Evidence-eliminator.com's amusing dis-info page - I hope you get a lot of traffic from these fine people ;) - and liked what I saw.

But being bold and brazen and Norwegian by birth, Haakon could not help but fire off a nasty letter to the esteemed support staff at Robin Hood Software, creators of the world-renowned Evidence-Eliminator.

In a popup I came across, you used an old trick to 'show what's on the surfer's hard drive'. In my opinion, this is false and misleading advertising, and I intend to report this in my column, which goes out to 100,000 Mensans worldwide. Unless, that is, you change your advertising.

I find it rather questionable that you imply that knowing a surfer's IP-number is such a big deal. ZoneAlarm or a similar free program will protect anybody from DoS attacks etc.

I will write my column at the end of next week. Unless you reply by then I will include information about your tactics.

You are quite welcome to include this in your dis-info page: I would feel proud to be in the company of so many hardcore people. Don't forget to include a link to my website, see below.

The eternally flustered Andy Ride/Churchill replied a number of times before he gave up. Here's his first attempt.

Sorry, it isn't clear from your enquiry exactly what you are asking. Could you please explain in more detail?

But that didn't set right with Andy, so after a few conundrums he penned and sent off the following.

Thanks for your feedback.

If Mensa is supposed to represent clever people, we will be very happy to be included in any publicity.

We're sorry that you feel it necessary to send us these threats, but we're sure that your readership of 100,000 will yield many more happy satisfied customers for our product.

Don't forget to mention the full 30-day money back guarantee which seems to negate pretty much every argument you have put forward!

Hope this helps, thankyou [sic] for choosing Evidence Eliminator!

Naturally this had no effect whatsoever on Haakon, who is still pretty good at detecting scams; instead, Radsoft and E3 were featured in the January 2003 issue of the glossy, and as Rick is also a member of this egregious club, all the other 100,000 were offered an attractive price - to get E3 and stay out of the clutches of Robin Hood's impersonator.

Radsoft are more than glad to help. Too bad again, Andy.


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