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SPEWS is spewing all over Robin Hood Software.

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The Spam Prevention Early Warning System has begun black-holing our dear friends in Nottingham. Their friends and coconspirators at ProWeb at the edge of Sherwood Forest had to let them go because all the available IPs were used up - trashed by SPEWS.

Which precipitated their move to UU - but even UU had it, and in December 2002 the Merry Men had to move again.

Where are they now? At NewNet in Fareham - an unsuspecting host who over the months ahead will run into the same dead-end as UU and ProWeb before them.

And things happen fast with SPEWS: As soon as the EE people change IPs two or three times, SPEWS black-holes their entire IP block, and then 'the host is toast' all over again and Robin Hood has to find another unsuspecting provider - if they can.

But even if life is not merry for the Merry Men, everything indicates they're more intent than ever on scamming the general public, taking money from the innocent and giving it to the rich - themselves.

Lottery bets are now being accepted on how many days it takes for NewNet to close EE down.


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