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Evidence-Eliminator vs E3 Security Kit: The Blow-By-Blow

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E3 the Evidence Eliminator Eliminator is a professionally engineered software product created to free people from the clutches of Robin Hood Software and Evidence-Eliminator. It 'eliminates' the need for Evidence-Eliminator. The design goal of E3 the Evidence Eliminator Eliminator is to duplicate and exceed the claims of Robin Hood Software for their product with a refreshing no-nonsense, no-hype approach.

Unlike Evidence-Eliminator, it will not max out your Registry and make your system unusable, it will not fool you into thinking your system has been cleansed when it has not, it will not install scare pages on your computer if you want to delete it, and it will not ruin your hard drive controllers.

Evidence-Eliminator is a Visual Basic application, and it shows. It has not been updated since 18 October 2000. Since then, the staff of Robin Hood Software, which has quadrupled in size, are only concerned with saturating the Internet with their product - and squirming out of requests for refunds. E3 the Evidence Eliminator Eliminator is being updated and improved all the time, and in the fall of 2002 was integrated into the powerful E3 Security Kit, a package of a dozen closely related utilities for privacy, security, and system optimisation.

Note: The Evidence-Eliminator 'disinformation' page claims E3 cannot measure up to their product. Unfortunately for Robin Hood Software they have never got their hands on a copy despite several uncreative attempts. For information about how far Evidence-Eliminator will get you (such as in jail) click here.

Feature/Product Evidence-Eliminator E3 Security Kit
Capabilities Plug-in kit is a single text file (!) Ships with two customised GUI-based editors
Install Control None: Its own install one of the most destructive ever Tightly integrated with standard control monitors
Shredding 'Random overwrite' not even DoD-compliant for RAM, much less hard drives Gutmann-compliant with thirty five (35) overwrites
Speed Agonizingly slow: Visual Basic application Lightning fast: Hard-core Win32 application; run of 70+ recipes corresponding to complete Evidence-Eliminator task list takes less than one second real time
Disk Footprint Enormous: Over 1MB for main executable Lean and mean as ever: 16.5KB self-contained
Pro-active Protection None: Developers quit before the concept was invented by Radsoft Complete: After all, Radsoft are the 'industrial strength' software people
Install Damage Dangerous: 740 Registry keys and 703 Registry values, system files corrupted, computer can be rendered unusable Benign: No disk or Registry data overwritten
Uninstall Stealth software and data deliberately left on disk and in Registry Painless: Just delete the setup directory
Price Currently US$149.00, price doubles regularly FREE: Included in the XPT with 129 other industrial strength applications

OK! OK! You've convinced me! Let E-E rot in Nottingham! I'm ordering the E3 Security Kit NOW! »

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