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Software Reviews

The good, the bad - and the very ugly.

Part One: The Good

Executive Software

Executive Software used to use their own system images on NT. Microsoft got in the picture and provided the necessary interface. There are countless UI boners in this app, but it's unsurpassed for defragging NTFS disks. And directories can be consolidated too. NTFS is a bummer when it comes to fragmentation and this is the only way out. Version 4 is heads and shoulders above version 5 however, which as a download is almost five times as big. Credit part of this to the fantastic Microsoft Installer. Also, once you're on the ExecSoft bandwagon, you'll be hard put to deal with all the email that comes your way. It comes from everywhere.

Edit Plus 2

A very stable app, and eminently useful: one of the few developer's text editors out there that isn't a bloat monster. This one is so comforting to use in fact that firing it up feels at times like a video game. Do check it out!

Gibson Research

Steve Gibson writes everything in x86 assembler. Visit his site, have a good read, and pick up some great apps.

Alexander Danileiko

NetLab is an MFC application and therefore bloated, but it's an honest effort by a very competent software engineer. Check out TWeather too.

Process Viewer
Igor Nys, Team CTI

Igor has done an admirable job. He's pulled several rabbits out of the hat and deserves accolades.

Rob Keir Software
Rob Keir

Click the link about to read an in-depth coverage of one of the premier software engineers of the net.


These are the kind of programs and developers who sustain the industry. Click the link above to learn more about Magister Lex - and get your brain back.

Sam Spade Spam Hunter
Blighty Design

Written by Steve Atkins, Alpha hardware engineer extraordinaire (he tweaks the silicon for floating point calculations) as his first ever Windows program, this is getting better on the UI side, crashes less often, but what Steve doesn't know about core Internet technology isn't worth knowing and probably isn't documented with an RFC anyway. This is the most complete 'Winsock' utility out there and it will amaze you at what it can do. Beauty is only skin deep - if you want the job done, talk to Sam Spade.

Service Manager NT Professional
Falk Schmal, NT Tools

Falk is quite a guy. Hates German football heroes, English football hooligans, works at the University of Cottbus, and writes some very heavy duty NT administration software. Has it been done before? Who cares! It's so beautiful in the NT Tools version.

SETI@Home Screen Saver
University of California at Berkeley

Another reality check. Find out what software outside the McDonalds of computing looks and works like. Click the link above to begin.


Sasha is a software developer to study. Click the link above to learn more.

Niko Mak Computing

Aggravating how it saves all the directories all the time - too much hassle navigating around. But is there any alternative? Is there any better product, more used, anywhere?

  Part Two: The Bad

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