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Rainmaker Redux


If ever there has been software where 'utility' begins with the letter 'f';
If ever there have been applications sold on nothing but hype and more hype;
If ever there has been justification to chase these rainmakers out of town:

It's the memory programs for Windows.

Especially the ones with the cute price tag getting 45 million itsy bitsy red stars from ZD Net, that bastion of human intelligence and the hate object non pareil of academia everywhere.

What's really enervating is to see how each one of these rainmakers dances the DoubleSpeak Jig to sidestep the obvious issue, and then in most cases holds out the hat for your generous contribution.

What is really sad is to see venerable Fred Langa of WinMag attack these rainmakers in an otherwise excellent article series, and then give it all away at the end in a desperate attempt to believe in it all anyway.

As Fred says in his article, winding it all up, that there might be some uses for rainmakers, that they might just give him some rain anyway, and as the utility he claims will cause this miniscule precipitation is offered with its source code, we can have an even better peek. Here is Fred's own account to begin with:

  Fred's Lapse

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