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Rainmaker is Rich


You're waiting at the traffic light and a figure greasier than the street itself approaches your vehicle. Taking out a still greasier rag, this figure sets about smearing your windshield. When the 'job' is completed, you roll down your window and hand the figure a dollar bill, and the figure goes off to the next vehicle.


MemTurbo is a rainmaker apart. Rainmakers, let us not forget, actually do something. Whether they accomplish something is another matter. Fred Langa of WinMag.com says they do not. Fred Langa of WinMag.com says they should never be loaded and left running. Fred Langa knows what he is talking about.

A rainmaker is like a homeless person working the traffic stops. No one could argue that they are not working for their dollar bills, but no one would argue that they do any good either. Rainmakers often contain a lot of code - sometimes too much code - and they do call functions, they do do things - the issue is instead whether they accomplish anything.

Again, according to Fred Langa, they do not. According to radsoft.net, they do not.

But MemTurbo is a rainmaker apart anyway. What makes it different?

  A Rainmaker Apart

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