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There Goes the Neighborhood

Where do you want to go today?
 - Microsoft
There goes the neighborhood!
 - The Internet

The adolescent ambition of the richest man in the world to devour something so much bigger than himself has people both wretching and laughing. Whatever. The Internet is BIG. And it's been around before William H. Goebbels 3 and it will doubtlessly be around long after his demise (The Guardian has already claimed MSFT has peaked on the NYSE). And it's a much more interesting crowd. Take a look.

Caldera Statement of Facts

Ray's narrative of some of the most unbelievable corporate tactics in US history. The Microsoft brownshirts make Nixon's Muskie killers look like the Keystone Cops. Reading this it seems it will be a miracle if Bill Goebbels doesn't get to visit John Erlichman's old resort motel. Learn what the 'bleeding edge' of technology is really all about: vaporware, FUD, tying, exclusionary licenses, beta blacklists, encrypted AARD code, intentional incompatibility, and more. Ray just won an out of court settlement in this matter after four years litigation.

Caldera Systems, Inc.

Ray Noorda's new home, which he shares with OpenLinux.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Analysis of how and why the Linux development model works. The online version of the bestseller.

The GIMP Project

Who needs Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro? GIMP blows them both away - and it's free!

GNOME Project

One of two popular 'skins' for Linux.

The GNU Project

Funded by the Free Software Foundation. If you haven't heard of GNU you must have been asleep in a cave for the past twenty years.

The Halloween Documents

Where will Microsoft try to drag you today? Do you really want to go there?

The Halloween Documents: An Appreciation

'They want to hijack the Internet we built with brains and sweat and blood; they want top-to-bottom control of computing everywhere; they're determined to have it all, forever and ever, amen.'

HTML Hell Page

Learn how to be regarded on the net as a real dork. Pre-teen web gurus in the employ of their rich corporate executive uncles take note.

Jargon File Resources

With the online version of the The New Hacker's Dictionary published by MIT Press.

The K Desktop Environment

One of two popular 'skins' for Linux.

Linux Center

Linux resources.

Linux HeadQuarters

What MS believes is the single greatest threat to the Fourth Reich. Run by Michael McLagan.

Linux Online

Visit and buy a coffee cup. Also run by Michael McLagan.

The Linux Kernel Archives

The primary site for Linux kernel source.

Linux Today

Linux in the news.

L0pht Heavy Industries

These guys won't harm you - but they could, so be careful.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

These guys have played a big part in almost everything the past thirty years, starting with Multics and BCPL, the predecessors to UNIX and C.

The Open Source Page

A good starting point. Plan on spending the day.

Eric Raymond's Home Page

Author and lecturer on UNIX, Open Source, the like. Check out his lecture schedule. Eric's works lay at the bottom of Mozilla.


Perhaps the best known Linux distributor today. Just entered into an agreement with Salon Magazine. Red Hat Linux (without support) is free.

Scoville Index

Former authentic Valley geek, now creative writer extraordinaire, Thomas Scoville authors, among other things, Salon.com's e-Soap Opera 'Silicon Follies'. Wonderful stuff.

Trojan Room Coffee Machine

The world's first webcam - before there was a web, and before there were cams. And it's still running.

Welcome to tuxedo.org!

And to the doyens of the Internet.

W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium

They run the show - not Bill Gates.

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