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The Buzzword Everyone Forgot

Soon they'll remember again. The future is at the data layer.

Download Managers

You're going to be doing a lot of downloading when on the net, and you simply cannot rely on your browser to do it for you.

When a Firewall is Not a Firewall

Personal firewalls - with Zone Alarm in the forefront - make sweeping claims about being able to stop outbound traffic, yet none of them have even given it an honest try.

High Speed Connections

Dial-up modems are much better than they used to be, but they're still slow.

How Smart Is My ISP?

Hopefully very much so. No Internet relation is more important. Here are a few ways you can figure out just how smart your ISP is.

ISPs vs OLSs

There are two kinds of IAPs: Internet service providers (ISPs) and online services (OLSs). And there's a world of difference between the two.


Windows Explorer - in either of its incarnations - is a beast. The work load this program takes on is monstrous.


Spam is unsolicited commercial email. It is always a brutal exploitation and always irritating, and most often has to do with get rich quick schemes and porn sites. It's very hard to stop.

The Registry

A sightseeing tour, with a few tips and suggestions for good maintenance programs.

The Road We're On

The concept of the command path - and algorithms for searching a series of directories in a particular order - is endemic to computer use. Here's a brief look at how it works on Wintel boxes.


It takes time to download programs, and so the faster these downloads are the better for you.

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