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Internet Drivers Licence

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The Internet is increasingly wrought with dangers - especially if you're surfing online with a Windows PC. In fact, it's got to the point where using Windows online is tantamount to cyber-suicide.

But even the enlightened, equipped with a more secure operating system, need to know what they are doing. As in all traffic, virtual or otherwise, there is a responsibility all 'drivers' must share, and an awareness that what you do affects others.

The Internet Drivers Licence programme is designed to help you help to make the Internet a safer and more fun place to be. It is completely free. If you pass your exam, you will receive both a diploma suitable for framing (delivered in PDF format - you print it out) and an Internet Drivers Licence, suitable for lamination and insertion of your own personal photo.

The people behind this initiative - Radsoft, Bloatbusters, and others - will testify to your abilities if you pass the exam. You'll be allowed to use this diploma and these companies as references in job applications.

Even so, it can be a fun thing to do.

How You Do It

Easy: you obtain the preliminary questionnaire, fill it in, and send it off. Make sure you have ample time over the next 72 hours to complete your exam: you are namely being timed.

The exam is very difficult, but you are not expected to know all the answers. Allot perhaps three hours to completing it. When you do, send it in immediately.

Unrelated correspondence will be ignored. Nor will anyone have time to answer questions about the exam. If you pass, you will get a PDF file or two in the mail. That's it. [Want to see a facsimile of the diploma? Click here.]

If you are ready to proceed, download the application form at this link:


When you have completed the application, send it to:


Your exam should arrive within 24 hours.

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